11 January 2017


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Oh hey! So I seem to have silently slipped through the whole transition of the dud that was 2016 into what I'm hoping will be a much better and more positive year. I took a step back over Christmas from pretty much all social media and didn't pressure myself to jump back on the horse as soon as the clock struck midnight, in fear of a Cinderella type scandal. Nope I want to start the the year with both feet firmly planted in those glass slippers, grounded and full of intent. I could look back over the last year, pop together a review but to be honest it was a pretty crappy one peppered with some awesome highlights, not to mention the global sigh of 2016, and I'm quite relieved it's been given the boot to be honest.

I don't want to start off with a downer post, this isn't, but there has to be room to be authentic and hold my hands up and say yep, that wasn't great rather than paint a sparkly rainbow picture. It would also feel wrong to not acknowledge the loss of last year, with the passing of my lovely Grandad and a very dear friend, both of which hit me pretty hard. In fact I would say that loss has been a large part of 2016, to the point of feeling a bit lost in myself.

Within that is the beautiful opportunity to grow, to learn, and to just start somewhere. New Year, new me? Nah, I'm looking at this year with a whole different perspective, in fact I think I'm starting to change some of those long standing bad habits and shushing the inner self criticism, because pretty sure that's not fun or helpful.

What I am looking forward to this year is focusing on creating the best version of myself. The version that makes me feel good inside and hopefully shines out my face like sunbeams, to quote the wonderful Mr Dahl. So I popped together a new Moodboard & Muses post because, well...I rather enjoy them ;)

Things I'm loving:
// Friends. OK this might sound like an odd one but after Bissy passed away it really made me evaluate how I connect with my loved ones. Yep I like their FB posts, double tap the Instagram and will laugh at the snapchat banter, but I think I've overlooked the nature and nurture of my friendships in real life. You know picking up the phone and having a chat.. circa '95. This became more apparent when I dropped friends a line just for a chat rather than a thumbs up, or to make arrangements, you know just like 'hey how are you and what's going on in your life sort of chat, and when my missed calls were returned with texts asking if I was OK? I realised something wasn't right. So yep those friends who live far but you hold so close..drop them a line and show them the love.

// Fashion. I do love clothes and I think for the last six months it has been so super easy to get up and sling on the same pair of faded jeans and kicks to do the school run in. In fact I think I've lost the playfulness in my sense of style that I once loved and I'm not down with that. Hell no. So I'm going to start introducing a few more style posts in for fun and just to be creative. Let me know what you think, would you be interested to see some style posts? 

// TEETH! Ok this one I am SO excited about! After pretty much complaining about my teeth for about ten years... I can be so annoying ... I have decided to get a brace. Yep I'm bringing braces back and embracing the inner nerd, although to be honest I reckon this term is so outdated, if showing yourself some self love and investing in yourself is 'nerdy' then bring it on. Look out for new chompers coming soon! 

Things I'm Not:
// Instagram. Hmm seems a bit harsh, especially as it's one of my favourite platforms, but I've been really struggling with my creative flow on there and seem to be missing some of my fave people posts due to the, what feels like, constant algorithm changes. Oh Instagram bring back the good old days. 

Other Things:
// So just to contradict myself , I thought I'd share some Instagram love and who's been inspiring me recently. This month I've been drawn to those travel inspired or art directed style accounts and I might even be bring back Style My Coffee...baby steps...
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Top left: Andy Csinger has got some serious style going on, loving the simple details in her feed. // Top right: Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle more often known as baddiewinkle is giving me real life goals at the moment. Loving life with her tongue in cheek style and generally just switching it up! // Bottom left: Herz Und Blut is generally a new one for me but I'm loving this Berlin  based bloggers snaps of her travels and the colours inspo is dreamy. Check her blog here// Bottom right: Ignant is a whole lot of creativity pulled together in the feed of this online art/design mag. 

Also let's take a sec to swoon over these pins! I love this blush pink space full of promise of warm days, I've pinned it to my new summer vibes board, to get me in the mood for long awaited sun! Also bookmarking this DIY wall hanging as it's bound to make any interior look good!
summer vibes, blush pink, outdoor spaces, moodboard and muses, interior goals

So yep there it is, a grounded and hopefully inspiring start to 2017, even if it is a bit late. I'd love to hear what your hopes, dreams and wishes are for the year ahead?


  1. I totally agree with everything you've said here and I definitely want this year to about gentle, positive long lasting change rather than jumping into January with a bang and setting myself up to fail.

  2. I love, love, love these posts and am glad to hear you're starting 2017 on a positive note my brave, beautiful friend! And hell yes to more style posts from you - please and thank you xx

  3. So true, thank you for your musings. It is good to put what's really important first

  4. Totally on board with this post Lori- especially the style pics/posts. I'm feeling much the same- want to be excited about what I'm wearing rather than it just being functional

  5. Lori I love this post, I love the Inspo pics and your references. And I agree, IG is hard these days

  6. I read this post the other day and the thing you said about your friends assuming something was up because they had a missed call really resonates with me! I really need to get back into the habit of long chats with besties x

  7. Beautiful post, Lori. Love all your plans and don't get me started on IG! x



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