1 December 2016


Happy 1st of December everyone! Now it's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of Christmas and the whole magic of the festive season but I normally manage to contain my excitement until at least the 12th, but this year I have been sooooooo ready for December to arrive in the hopes it will wash away all of the crappier events of 2016. So the kiddo and I came up with 24 family Christmas advent ideas, a little list of all the activities we might like to do this month, so I thought I'd share them here incase you need a little inspiration.

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Aswell as having his Star Wars lego Advent calendar (the boy is obsessed!) we have a few nice family activies popped up on the fridge to keep us going and we can tick them off as we go along.

1. Drink hot chocolate and marshmallows outside.
2. Go Christmas tree spotting on a walk around the neighbourhood.
3. Go tobogganing with friends.
4. Watch a Christmas film under a blanket with popcorn.
5. Decorate the house in fairy lights.
6. Visit a Christmas Market.
7. Go iceskating with friends and family.
8. Write a letter to Father Christmas and post it.
9. Bake festive cupcakes and hand out instead of Christmas cards.
10. Decorate the Christmas tree.
11. Attend a Christmas carol service.
12. Donate to your local food bank.
13. Buy someone behind you in the queue their coffee/tea/drink
14. Make your own Christmas wreath out of foraged twigs and branches.
15. Wear a fun Christmas jumper.
16. Bake christmas cookies for your local postie to say thanks.
17. Volunteer at your local shelter or donate to the White Helemets to help civilians in Syria.
18. Make your own snow globe out of a mason jar.
19. Decorate a gingerbread house.
20. Wrap presents together.
21. Go for a winter walk in the woods and decorate a tree.
22. Make mulled wine or spicy cider.
23. Gift friends a bauble for their tree with a note to say why they are loved.
24. Snuggle in bed together to read a Christmas story.

I really believe that Christmas should be about giving back as well as sharing gifts with loved ones, whether it's small acts of kindness to spread happiness or supporting those who are less fortunate. I hope you like some our the ideas and you can pin the image above as a reminder.

I'd love to hear what you get up to at Christmas?


  1. Lori, I love how a lot of these are about giving to others and helping people. Smashing stuff xx

  2. Absolutely love this, especially as it's made me look up the White Helmets and understand a bit more. Thank you!

  3. Lovely ideas! We really need Christmas now, don't we?! There's a local house that always puts up a huge amount of lights and displays, we're planning on an evening trip soon.

  4. I pretty much do all of these things! I love mooching around town after work when all the shops are still open but it's dark and all the lights are on. I also have a Virgin Wines advent calendar this year so will be doing a LOT of drinking!

  5. Gorgeous ideas! And I'm with you - is it the general crappiness of 2016 that's made Christmas so welcome this year?

  6. These are gorgeous ideas... and I'm looking up the White Helmets now too... what a fab cause x

  7. I think we all need cheering up a bit right now. Lots of lovely heartwarming ideas here xx

  8. These are such brilliant ideas - warmed my heart! Number 13 - absolutely love that! Definitely want to try that one xxx



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