30 November 2016


Christmas decor, design your own christmas, holiday decorations, christmas diy ideas

With a few weeks left until the holiday season really kicks into full gear, a lot of us will be focused on making our houses comfortable and pretty for Christmas. There are always a few staples to put up like a beautiful tree, a few traditional decorations, and perhaps some lights outside. But for those who really get into the holiday spirit, it can be nice to add some special new pieces year in and year out. This is where some DIY crafting effort can make a big difference!

So we wanted to outline a few fun crafting and decoration ideas you might want to keep in mind for this Christmas season.

Christmas decor, design your own christmas, holiday decorations, christmas diy ideas
Make A Creative Wreath

One of the first things that comes to mind for a lot of inventive crafters is to create a wreath that isn't just a circle of holly or a garland wrapped around itself. Fortunately, there are countless directions to take this idea! Some like to do something natural like a collection of pine straw, branches and pinecones fashioned into a ring. Others might prefer a collection of other Christmas ornaments arranged in a similar pattern. In a piece on cheap homemade decorations Reader's Digest suggested making an entire wreath out of bows! You can get as creative as you like with this idea, but making a wreath of your own is a lovely start to a DIY-infused Christmas atmosphere.

Build Your Own Star

The star on top of the tree is a major part of any decoration ensemble, and building your own can give you something to be proud of. You can take similar crafting approaches to those mentioned regarding wreaths, but to create something that lasts longer you might want to consider a more heavy-duty process. It's actually not a bad excuse to experiment with some home welding to create a durable, metallic design. Screwfix points to equipment meant for home welding and reveals that there are some fairly portable, easily handled options. These tools are great for working with metal, and can enable you to make a truly professional looking ornament.

Christmas decor, design your own christmas, holiday decorations, christmas diy ideas, jingle bells, santa bellsPrepare Your Own Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are fairly popular this time of year, particularly in homes where there are still children. A lineup of easy decorating ideas from Good Housekeeping presented an interesting twist on the notion by suggesting that people design their own. The example shown was really creative—basically a rustic ladder with decorated muslin craft bags dangling from the rungs, each bag signifying a day of the month (and filled with treats or goodies, no doubt).

Repurpose Glass Bottles

This is a general home crafting concept that can be particularly interesting come Christmas time. A lot of people decoratively use empty glass bottles (often wine bottles). Many even turn them into little lanterns. But this time of year, you can get even more festive with it by coiling a single small strand of white Christmas lights inside red or green bottles. The effect is bright, charming, and certainly makes for a unique decoration.

These are just a few of the countless Christmas crafting ideas you can come up with this year. Just keep in mind that a few DIY efforts can help to give your home that special look you crave each holiday season!

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