27 April 2016


When people mention fine dining and good wine, it's easy to turn my thoughts to the sun washed vineyards of France or the rich Italian wines and freshly baked pizza that accompanied our pre-child travels. In fact it's amazing how much food and drink act as the markers to our adventures, like the time I sampled a delicious Croatian Brodet on the Island of Hvar as live music filled the cobbled streets *sigh*.

From designers, ceramicists and even my local specialist coffee roaster *yay* I definitely find pleasure in enjoying something locally made with passion, especially the story behind the product and the person who has brought these creations to life. It's easy to forget how great our independent makers are, producing artefacts with love and skill on this little island of ours.

So I was interested to follow the path of two-Michelin Star chef, Michel Roux Jr, as he travelled the British Isles to unearth the true meaning of excellent craftmenship, and meet with artisans and masters of crafts within different fields. His aim, to host a three course Craftsmen's Dinner, bringing together the best of these culinary crafts in one sitting.

I love these type of travel meets food meets documentary series, watching on with intrigue as secrets are unearthed and the seed of adventure is planted, in fact it makes me want to head off and explore right now! Roux's unique journey has been made into a six part film series, created in partnership with The Balvenie Whisky, as he meets a salmon smoker, a potter, a sparkling wine producer, an organic food producer, one of the last remaining knife makers in the UK *spoiler alert: these are amazing* and The Balvenie’s very own cooper.

I really enjoyed the Ridgeview Wine episode due to all the wine *ahem* culture ;) But in all honesty I normally don't think too much about the rewarding glass I pour myself after a long day, so it was interesting to see not only the skill required to bottle one of the UK's best bubblies, but the dedication needed in cultivating vineyards on British soil. After all we haven't exactly got the warmest weather!
You can check out the episode here:

If that hasn't piqued your interest, then this should! You can win a meal for two at Le Gavroche with this amazing giveaway. All you need to do is watch the trailer and leave a comment below with your answer. You can also enter using the widget for additional points.

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