4 November 2015


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Do you feel ready for winter? I'm pretty much an all-season girl, loving each changing month with a particular fondness for that low autumn sun, but somehow it's November and I'm not quite sure how that happened?! Did you notice it creeping up? In fact this year feels like a bit of a blur and if I'm honest my head has been full of self doubt, anxiety and restlessness, which you can imagine is pretty exhausting *cue all the coffee.*

practising mindfulness with styling the seasonsSo in an attempt to quiet the noise and focus on my well being I've started practising Mindfulness. For those not familiar with Mindfulness it's a technique that uses Eastern Buddhist meditation practises, allowing ourselves to give full attention to a particular moment with purpose, to create a inner connection to our true selves and promote emotional well being.

Sounds easy enough right? But how many times a day do you fully focus on what the task at hand? I'm often doing one thing and my mind is in several other places, planning, thinking, questioning. Our thoughts are often whizzing a million miles an hour and I'm not surprised as life is busy ay.

How to create a calm mindful spaceSo I've been channelling some calm vibes and used this months Styling the Season as a chance to create a quiet space, focusing on neutral colours and this geometric bowl giving it a touch of me.

create a neutral space with white flowers

How to Practise Mindfulness Meditation
Try this in a quiet space with lots of natural light where you won't be interrupted, and set a timer for five or ten minutes. Sit on the floor cushion crossed leg or on a chair with your back straight, shoulders relaxed and take a breath in from your abdomen, using the lower part of you lungs. Breathe in and out focusing on each breath and the sensation of breathing. If you notice your mind wander and thoughts coming into play acknowledge, in an accepting, non-judgemental way return your focus to your breathing. It's that simple.

Fancy trying it? I love these reasons for practising Mindfulness and giving that grey matter a break. I tend to use it on the go with my morning coffee. Whether you're pouring that first cup or standing in line at your favourite coffee shop when taking that first sip take a second to use your senses. Before knocking it back like a tequila on a night out, focus on the fresh roasted bean aroma, feel the warmth of cup on your lips and the sensation of that first sip. Sounds simple but just focusing on our senses in that moment can create a connection to ourselves.

Here are five other ways that you can use Mindfulness at home and if you need something a little more substantial then you could always try looking at a private psychologist in London for help. What do you think? Worth a try?

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  1. I've done a lot of practice over the last year at being mindful and I think I've trained myself pretty well. It DOES mean that often I don't do things I'm meant to though, because I'm busy living in the moment instead :-)

  2. I've never given this a go but i've always wanted to. I tend to find that in this busy world it's great to take a few minutes to centre yourself.


  3. I find it very hard to keep one train of thought because my life is so busy. Sounds like you've mastered it quite well. x

  4. This all feels so calming and serene - love all the white and gold. My sister did a mindfulness course and I'd love to give it a go xx

  5. I have also been trying a spot of mindfulness lately as I think it's something we all need to do every now and then - love the tips and links - going to check them out

    Laura x

  6. Love this, it is so peaceful! I really could do with a little mindfulness. x



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