1 May 2015


Being a freelancer I'm often juggling money with various payments coming in at different times, it's certainly different to being on a full time salary at a nine to five job. Saying that, I think of myself as being incredibly lucky to be able to manage my own workload, pick and choose which jobs I take and most importantly work around my boy. As I'm sure most mama's find, I rarely spend 'spare' money on myself. I tend to think of F first and I'll make sure that any money I have gets spent on him, whether it's new clothes, toys or fun days out together – although I do keep a few pennies back for my daily flat white pit stop. So when asked by TSB Bank what I would spend a spare £100 on, it got me thinking. What would I do with a bit of extra cash that hadn't been earmarked for our usual spends? Would I treat F to a day out, or perhaps Paul to a music gig? Or maybe a treat for myself?Click to read more

With the TSB Bank Plus account you can earn £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000), so with that extra bit of cash sitting there you can afford to treat yourself. After a bit of thought I knew exactly what I would spend the money on....wait for it... a party.  Not really ground breaking but with all the people I love in one space with good food, good music, drink and laughter it's surely a great idea.

I'm imagining dusky skies and an open fires, string bare light bulbs and a long wooden table with rustic platters, as we sit wrapped in blankets chatting under the stars. A way to connect to one another and nature. Even though it's wonderful have new shoes, haircut etc, you can't put a price on memories and those shared with friends and family are the best.

TSB bank have put together an infographic all the things that improve over time, like the money that grows in your account. I'd love to hear what you would spend £100 on?

*This is a collaborative post.
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  1. My 40th celebrations late this year (selfish mother, me?). But i would put it towards a nice slap-up family get-together for my birthday. I am rubbish at saving (clearly).

  2. Yep, definitely some big family event - prob a lovely day out to the seaside with a nice slap up meal to finish the day off. Saying that, i do need some new sneaks..... ha!

  3. I know what you mean about money coming in slowly - nobody ever seems to pay at the same time! I think I'd spend it on a nice day out for me and my Mum - she spends so much time looking after my Dad that she derserves a nice treat.

  4. I think a family day out for sure! x



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