7 January 2015


F and a Mickey Mouse toy for Disney on Ice
On Sunday we made the most of our last family day and two week festive break before Paul returned to work. Knowing that F had been completely showered in attention from two parents I knew it might be a bit tricky when our normal routine set in, as Paul works away for half of the week and also abroad. So we decided that a special treat to mark the end of the holidays would be fun for all of us and we set off early in the morning, London bound for a day of fun.

Armed with a present for one of my besties/ F's Godmother, we navigated the city centre to visit the oldest pub along the Thames for a bite to eat. Steeped in 400 years of history, we snuggled by the fire and shared our Christmas adventures over food and wine as F showed off his new Transformer collection to anyone who would look.
The Mayflower pub London 400 years oldInside the O2 to see Disney on IceLights inside the O2 Arena London

But nothing could contain F's excitement as we stepped off the tube at North Greenwich and entered the O2 Arena to see the magical Disney on Ice. I was super excited too as I love figure skating and I had no idea what to expect.

We took our seats, the light dimmed, the music started and out skated Mickey Mouse. Immediately a huge grin appeared on F's face as he clambered on us for a better view. We watched as all of F's favourites characters came onto the ice, each doing a scene from their film, plus my favourite Beauty and the Beast.
Disney on Ice Aladdin and the Gene Disney on Ice Beauty and the BeastToy Story soldiers from Disney on Ice

The skaters were amazing, doing spins and flips on the Ice all while wearing fab costumes, there were fireworks from the Disney Castle and even snowflakes falling from the ceiling at one point. I can only  imagine how magical a trip to a Disney Resort would be especially through the eyes of a child. F absolutely loved every minute, he was completely mesmerised and couldn't take his eyes of the skaters. They even announced that Frozen on Ice would be coming to the O2 arena soon!

The Disney Castle at Disney on Ice
Once all the excitement was over we carried a sleepy F back to the car ready for our journey home. On the way he sang songs, talked about the ice skaters and Buzz Lightyear before falling asleep in his carseat. On arriving home we lifted our sleeping boy out of the car and with some skilful manoeuvres got him in PJ's and bed so he could carry on his sweet dreams.

*Thanks to Disney on Ice for a Magical family day.



  1. ah this looks amazing! I bet Theo would love do go to something like this too, I bet he would barely stay in his seat!

    1. I would definitely recommend it! So so good. x

  2. This looks amazing! E and her best friend are going to this later in the year :) I can't wait xx

    1. I'm so excited for you! She's going to love it! x

  3. WOW that looks absolutely amazing. i have always wanted to go to disney on ice with my kids (and secretly myself too) but never have ever had the chance. It' looks so magical. Love the photos. Your little one is so pleased too! :)

  4. Oh so glad to hear he enjoyed it so much. My parents used to take me to Holiday on ice when I was younger and I LOVED it - would love to go this as well

    Laura x

  5. What a treat! This looks like a wonderful day out and one he will remember for a long time I bet! x



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