29 December 2014


Fireworks and the Eiffel Tower on NYENew Year's Eve is one of those funny nights either filled with amazing potential or laced with disappointment. People tend to fall into one of three brackets:

1. The eager to go out with party shoes at the ready.
2. The dinner party do-ers who create an inviting fun environment at home or attend someone else's.
3. Those who just aren't that fussed, those who stay in and perhaps struggle to reach midnight.

All three options can be great depending on your mood when the big night rolls around, but what about those after a bit of adventure? Do you fancy seeing in 2015 under new skies? Exploring a different city or country perhaps?

Clean minamilist interior with plants

I've often thought about celebrating abroad with champagne and a view of the Eiffel Tower, dancing the night away in glittering heels in the heart of New York City, sharing cocktails with friends old and new in an underground Berlin bar, wrapped in a blanket all cosy by a beach pitt fire under the stars, or sipping late night coffee by the canals in Amsterdam.

Whenever we plan to travel the first thing I do is look for a place to stay on Airbnb, with unique listings in over 35,000 cities and over 26 million guests who have tried and tested the service, it's a no brainer and we've stayed in some great apartments allowing us to live like a local and explore our new surroundings.

Modern apartment in Mitte Berlin with AirbnbLuxury apartment in Mitte Berlin with Airbnb
It's super easy to use, you just go online and select your city and budget, and scroll through the listing or search using the interactive map. When travelling to Copenhagen with F - his first trip abroad - we rented a cosy little place in Nørrebrogade which was perfectly located for us to explore the city.

I've already put together a little list of places I would like to stay in if I had the chance – including the two apartments above – and if I can't go abroad for NYE then I'll certainly be looking to visit some fun places in 2015!

Joining Airbnb means you can always find a place to escape to and even make your home work for you. Why not use the days you're out of town or have holidays booked to act as a host and generate an income whilst you relax elsewhere. I know I'll be looking at doing this with our flat in 2015.

Where would you love to be on New Years Eve?



  1. I definitely fall into group 3. I really don't like new years eve and would rather just go to bed. Not in a party pooper way, it just makes me feel really uneasy for some reason x

  2. Well, I am working on New Year's Day, so I don't want to be too far away! Just want good company, food and fun. Hope that's what we all get, wherever we are! Happy new year to you.

  3. We love spending time as a family and now we spent some time with our boys friends and their parents

  4. I am definitely a number 3 kind of person! I like getting the party food in or a big takeaway but I just want it to be us, our little family. However we do love to travel so I'd be very happy for that to be somewhere else...an attic apartment in New York or overlooking a beach in Thailand...either of those options would work ;)

  5. The thought of heading out on new year is rather scary to me, I must be getting old now as I'm usually in bed before midnight

  6. Dont do much now on new year too stressful with my kids :(

  7. I hope to one day see the New Year in whilst in Las Vegas x

  8. I would love to go away for New Year's Eve, we haven't been out since before having kids and last year spend the evening reading dishwasher reviews! I am itching to get away travelling this year though, I just want to pack up a campervan and disappear, if only we could afford it! x

  9. I LOVE Airbnb, I literally spend ages looking though apartments and wish listing them. I think I care about the place I stay as much as the holiday tbh! With new years I'm a totally bore, I always think it's too hyped up and I'm usually asleep before 12 ;) x

  10. Tonight I am going to party like its 1999. Mostly because I stayed at home with a toddler then too!

  11. We are away for NYE this year so we are taking the kids to a local fireworks display followed by a little party in our holiday cottage :) have a good one xx

  12. definitely number 3, always! haha. i am just not a party/celebration type person at all! i like hearing what other people get up to though :) i would love to finally get a passport in 2015 and at least go to somewhere in france ..or i'd actually love to go to amsterdam!

  13. We love Airbnb and have used it twice - once for a week in London and another for a flat in Paris - the flat in Paris was amazing - perfect location, clean etc as was the London one except there was no dry bedding or working dryer to be seen but the Airbnb refunded us half of the stay which was really good of them

    Laura x

  14. We stayed in on NYE as we have done for years now. We had all the kids staying up till midnight though for the first time! Apart from Teen who was out partying hehe! These apartments look fabulous. I've made a note of that website :) x



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