18 December 2014


Is it just me or is anyone else's bedroom replicating the inside of Santa's grotto? With boxes piled high on wardrobes, bags sticking out from under the bed and with the arrival of a massive tree, furniture from the lounge has migrated its way into our junkroom bedroom making all feel rather cluttered.

This is the only part of the festive season that gets me in a grump, as much as I am never that organised, a super cluttered room full of things that don't belong there means I never feel like I've fully rested, even after some much needed beauty sleep.

So as usual I've been turning to my beloved Pinterest for bedroom interior inspiration in the hopes that something might spur me into a tidying frenzy. I love some of these spaces, so clam, cosy and light *sigh*.

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Here are my top musts when it comes to a restful nights sleep:

1. Try to ensure your sleeping space is calm and uncluttered. This means a big no to all those stacks of paper, books and other random stuff piled high on my dumping ground of a desk. A calm and tidy space will help with relaxation and aid sleep.

2. Find a fragrance that you find relaxing and use it in your bedroom. I am totally channeling Christmas with this Pomander room spray, if you spray it above your radiators then the heat will carry it across the room as you rest, plus it smells oh so good.

3. Start a wind down routine 30 minutes before sleep, this is something that I am terrible at and need to take my own advice. NO iPhones! In fact if possible, leave it to charge in another room – for me this is easier said than done – instead pick a great book to enjoy before sleep, my next bedtime read is Gone Girl.

4. Ensure your mattress is providing great support in all the right places by investing in a great mattress from a trusted brand such as Sealy. Our mattress is definitely on its last pocket sprung legs. Even when turning it, it still seems lumpy and causes me a restless night sleep.

5. Does your lighting set the right mood? A harsh bright light will be over stimulating and cool coloured lights bulbs can create restlessness. Choose a bedside lamp that looks good like this Tub grey table light from Habitat, its warm tones and natural bamboo wood base makes for some good bedside eye candy.

6. Ensure your room is the right temperature. You could try double glazing windows if you're renovating or if like me you have period sash windows, then try lined curtains to block any drafts and ensure your room is around 18 degrees C for a comfortable sleep.

So here's to hibernating through the winter months and a world of good sleep. I'd love to hear what your top tip for sleeping well is?

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  1. Im so glad its not just me that has a bedroom full of boxes and bags of presents, add to that an unopened box with a bassinet, ready for a new arrival in the new year. I'm looking forward to reinstating the normal calm of our bedroom. Perhaps I could actually wrap some presents and get them under the tree instead…… Thanks for the inspiration to tidy it all up xx

  2. All my presents are in the wardrobe. And on the floor. And under the bed. If they were alive, David Attenborough would be commentating on their breeding and tunnelling abilities.

  3. Haha yep! We have boxes and packages spilling out from the wardrobe all over our floor. I'm messy anyway so we also have clothes everywhere, plus it's tiny. Not very relaxing for sleeping in! x

  4. You're so right, there is so much stuff in our room right now and it's worse than it normally is. Greig and I were only just saying tonight that we're having a big pre-Christmas tidy up soon otherwise you just can't relax properly.

  5. Good tips...a new mattress has made a world of difference to my sleep, but I need to work on the rest! #nightowl x

  6. I am the exact same. I love getting the house all decorated and thigns moving elsewhere kinda stresses me out. Come Jan 2 when I take it all down and put it away I go on a much need redecorating, reorganizing, clear out of the entire house. Then by the end of the month I feel so calm and ready to take on another year.

  7. Great tip! This time of year is a bit rubbish in terms of sleep - everything is so conflicting! I need good sleep to ward off any bugs, tiredness grumps & massive eye bags, yet there seems to be booze at every corner which means the worst sleep ever!! Damn these festivities ;)

  8. Oh I love these inspiring images - we are planning a big overall of all our bedrooms and nursery planning although time seems to be running out - we have a new mattress but have no space to put our new bed up (and get rid of the other one) so in limbo a bit at the moment

    Laura x

  9. top of my list this Christmas break is getting to read a whole book! x

  10. I really love that third picture - I'm so into clean, fresh and simple interiors at the moment. I agree about reading a book as well; I've started loads and really want to finish one of them!

  11. this is making me want to make my room look pretty!



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