5 December 2014


As a child I would get super excited about my advent calendar, you know the ones filled with little chocolates, well what kid wouldn't right? So obviously I was keen to get F one too, but after him waking early to get his chocolate fix every morning at crazy o'clock I soon changed my mind and swapped over to a Lego advent calendar the following year. This pretty had the same effect but this time swap sugar fuelled child for tiny bits of coloured plastic strewn over the floor at 6am, while a barefoot bleary eyed me is trying to find coffee... not so good.

So this year we've taken a different approach and bought a red wooden house with numbered drawers to open, but this time each one has a Christmas activity instead of that chocolate high.

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To document our little Christmas challenge of finding something festive to do each day and hopefully give other parents some inspiration, I am posting each activity over on Instagram with the hashtag #WGadventfun in the hopes you will join in and share your days in the run up to Christmas.

So far we have baked Christmas cookies with these awesome cutters, enjoyed hot chocolate and mince pies at a fake log cabin and surprised F with tickets to go and see Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic. I'm actually really excited to see this show at the London O2 Arena as I think it will be a great day out and one that F will treasure the memory of.

I'm also planning to take him to the planetarium, meet Father Christmas in Lapland, write a letter to santa, make Christmas cards, donate some of his toys to charity, create small handmade gifts for those people in our community who give everyday without thanks –yes postie something is coming your way– and a whole host of other things.

I'd love to hear what you've got planned in the run up to Christmas?



  1. What a lovely idea - you're going to be so busy though!! I might have to scale mine down a bit if I do the same next year :-)

  2. Great idea, I think it's so much nicer to do activities and they will always be remembered, not like a mouthful of chocolate! x

  3. love the advent drawers! we love having an activity every day to do

  4. This is such a good idea - might pinch it for next year. We're getting our tree tomorrow so we'll mainly be decorating, woo x

  5. We love the At Bristol planetarium. We did an activity Advent calendar yesterday. I must admit it was a bit exhausting! But such fun too. Looks like you have some lovely plans.

  6. Ahhh beautiful festive photos. Your little one is adorable. Wow you are going to be busy. Have fun.

  7. Great idea - I'll try to do this next year with my 3. Have been enjoying your IG hashtag xx

  8. SUCH a lovely idea! And that biscuit is just something else.

  9. What an amazing idea! Every year I plan to do something different for advent, but never get round to it! Love the biscuit, too good to eat!

  10. We have done a similar thing this year as well - we made a paper envelope advent with an activity each day which has included things like baking, crafting, walks to the park, going to see paddington etc - he is so excited each morning to see what he has in store each day

    Laura x



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