11 November 2014

A GOOD BOOK // On Sudden Hill

One of the beautiful things to experience in life is the friendships you make along the way, those shared moments that can last a lifetime. Watching your child start to forge their own friendship and gain their independence can be nerve wracking and make your heart swell simultaneously. After discovering this illustrator last year in a beautiful tale of friendship I was so excited to find his newest work in this good book.

On Sudden Hill captures the concept of friendship, jealously and acceptance with a simple tale of two best friends who love nothing more than to run wild in the great outdoors, creating games with a cardboard box and their imagination. One morning a new boy comes to play on the hill and join their adventures, but as Etho welcomes the new friend and shares his lunch, Birt gets jealous and in temper destroys his box and heads home.  

Confused by his feelings of sad, anger, jealousy and loneliness, Birt stays in his room refusing to come out to play, until his friend and Shu create the best contraption yet, uniting the trio in a new better friendship.

This is a great story for any child, especially at they grow and explore their own emotions, learning to cope and manage their feelings as their relationships develop. With beautiful and characterful illustrations that charm you on every turn of the page, this is definitely a tale to find in the stocking this Christmas.



  1. oh i really love the look of this one!

  2. Love the illustrations, this book sounds wonderful x

  3. This looks so cute! Like the way it describes emotions too x

  4. Looks like a great book - and the illustrations are gorgeous



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