27 August 2014


As August slips away my thoughts turn to this growing boy and the absence of his laughter filling the flat as he returns to preschool in September. For most this might not seem significant, but F has only been in someone else's care a few hours a week until now. This will be the first time that actual school day routines will be set, with early morning drop offs and lunch away from home before I wait at the school gate for his face to appear and my heart to swell.

It's a double edged sword, for all those moments I wished for time alone, the reality is I will miss his belly laugh and alter ego, Tigerman, rushing around my heels. In preparation for the start of school we booked an in-store fitting appointment at Clarks to beat the rush and checked out their school range. He seemed thrilled by the modern approach of measuring feet with the help of an iPad and his chosen character, happy to comply as nostalgic memories of my school days bubbled up and F wiggled his toes into various shoes, proclaiming he'll take them all – a kid after my own heart.

We picked a pair of sturdy black velcro shoes, ready to take on the challenges of the playground while  promoting independence and some super bright green sports trainers, as I can't resist colour on the boy, before boxing them up and heading home. Clutching the complementary 'Let's Start School memory book' under his arm he seems so grown up all of a sudden. When I asked him what he might like to be when he's older – apart from saying a human which is a good start right – the answers such as painter, music player, dinosaur hunter and architect followed, and I look at this small boy who will one day be a man and a lump catches in my throat.

I'm sure next year there will be tears as he starts 'big boy' school, and most likely they will all be mine.

Clarks are offering you the chance to win a lifetime's supply of school shoes - For a chance to win, share a photo of your child on their first day at school in their very first pair of Clarks School Shoes with the hashtag #FirstSchoolShoes 

*We received vouchers c/o Clarks for this post. All words and opinions are my own.



  1. Ben is moving from year R to year 1 next week, and thinking about it makes me want to weep - why can't they just slow down and stop growing?! It's exciting but tear-inducing as well!

  2. oh god I can imagine it will be so emotional when he's at school! I remember picking my little brother up (he's 15 years younger than me) when he started school and seeing his little face in the crowd of kids coming running out and to the gates. So odd to imagine them as adults isn't it! Tom and I were talking about how strange it will be that Wilf will one day be taller than us. Crazy! Also my big brother is a dinosaur hunter of sorts (an archaeologist) if he ever wants to meet one :) x

  3. Florence starts school full time next week and I can't quite bring myself to think about it. A little bit of me wants to selfishly keep her at home with me. But I'm also excited to see/hear all the stuff she'll come home talking about and inspired by. At the moment she wants to be a zoo keeper so she can look after elephants all day (her favourite animal).

  4. We love Clarks and get all of our shoes there - and isn't the IPad measurer cool??! I am dreading and longing for my youngest to go to pre school...I long for the time to myself but I also know this time is limited and I love having him around with me. I hope it goes well for you both.

  5. Aw, such a lovely post. I know we could do more with more to get things done but it's not the same when the kids aren't home, is it? Hope he settles into school well. Love the shoes. x

  6. aww i can't even imagine what it's like to see your little baby growing up, going to school etc.

  7. Oh wow what an exciting but also scary time - I am sure everything will be fine but it is a lot to deal with as a parent, letting go and watching them grow :)

    Laura x



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