8 July 2014

A GOOD BOOK // Jane & Serge. A Family Album

As much as I love children's books and have a stack of stories I can't wait to share with you, I also have a growing collection of photography and art books that are slowly filling my bookshelves and coffee table. I find these pages a source of constant inspiration and it's always easy to get lost in a good book.

This beautiful treasure trove, Jane & Serge. A Family Album, captures the intimate moments and daily life between the highly public love affair of British actress Jane Birkin, and the beloved French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, as documented by Jane's brother Andrew Birkin during the 70's. These candid snaps takes us back to a time of nostalgia, a bygone era where babes were free range, music and art filled the air and life seemed simple. One of my favourite photos is of a white clad Jane cradling her daughter Charlotte amongst black sand and smouldering rocks, so striking is the colour and the simple pose of motherhood.

Each page contains a single image holding you in that moment, to explore the tenderness captured that so easily translates, as if you were viewing your very own family album. No words are used throughout this book, and instead we are asked to use our own reflections to narrate the pages, to feel each connection, which is so easily achieved with something so beautifully curated. The book itself comes covered in a clear plastic wallet containing a collection of goodies sure to delight:

  • Text booklet featuring an introduction by Jane Birkin and Andrew Birkin’s memoir of Jane and Serge, illustrated by Birkin family childhood photos
  • Softcover contact sheet booklet
  • Fold-out poster
  • 5 photo prints
  • Sticker sheet
  • Embroidered patch 

This is certainly a book to treasure and one that will hopefully ignite the passion to go out and capture your own family moments. 



  1. ooooh - adding this to my wishlist!! IT looks fabulous - I love coffee table books like this x

  2. I love that there are no words leaving you to interpret it in your own way. I have such a big pile of books that I need to read but never get around to it, one day! x

  3. oh this book looks so lovely!

  4. Oh I love books like this and have a few similar ones on our coffee table - such a beautiful collection of photographs each with a story - great :)

    Laura x

  5. I too am adding it my wish list, I'm always pinning pictures of them, such a beautiful family and great photography x



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