2 June 2014


 "A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Taking a walk with Dino Boy 

I can't believe it's June already, the month of birthday's and celebrations where I turn the grand age of 34. Suddenly approaching my mid 30's seems old, but I know this is a mindset that can be changed. So I'm planning fun things: London trips, cocktails, late night dancing, cinema dates during the day (one of my favourite things to do), listening to vinyl, homemade popcorn and making an effort to wear clothes other than jeans. What makes you feel young at heart?

Linking in with Jodi


  1. love this photo Lori!! I turned 33 in March, and feeling old right now ha!!

  2. love that robe and love your list of fun things! Especially the wearing things over than jeans which I am a big endorsor of ;) although YOU have gotten me into jumpsuits! Tom doesn't know what to think! x

  3. I love your little list - Listening to Vinyl in our house is a must and I too am throwing myself into planning as the dreaded 30th birthday looms later this year. I love to surf and have not been in ages so going to try and do some more of that this summer :)

    Laura x



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