23 December 2013

OH CHRISTMAS TREE // Nature in the Home

There's nothing quite like the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree to keep you company on a cold blustery evening, giving way to nostalgic memories of childhood. Every year I get over excited by the appearance of a tree in our home. Always real, with pine needles eventually carpeting the floor and branches bowed under the weight of the shiny baubles. The smell is heart warming, as is the carefully collected memories which hangs and adorns its branches. Our trees are always big, some have been huge in fact. This year we have adopted an almost 9ft tree for the holiday season. There's no tinsel here but rather a collection of red and golds, with lots of wooden toys, delicate porcelain, glittering baubles, knitted or hand crafted gifts, birds and bells.

My tree is full of stories depending on which ornament you choose to admire, each with its own tale. The word love hangs from its branches, a gentle reminder that kindness is a free gift to give and goes a long way. You can also find a small bell delicately hanging in the hopes that it will ring out in the dark, after decades of watching A Beautiful Life.

This year I have had to reassure F that even though the tree has blocked the fire place, Father Christmas will still find a way down our chimney to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. This year F decorated his own little wooden tree which we've displayed on the mantle piece, keeping our monster tree company.



  1. what a wonderful tree! 9ft, wow… I thought ours was a monster! just popped over from Lou's link-up :)

    1. Thanks :) Not sure how I'll top it next year. Hope you have a fab Christmas x

  2. The smell is really what its about for me. I always pick off one needle and just inhale - it does bring back good childhood memories.

    1. It's so lovely having that pine smell in the home. x



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