31 December 2013


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It's the last day of 2013 and to be honest I'm ready to say goodbye to it. This year has been a tough one, with more downs then ups. Looking back over the last 365 days I know I didn't make enough of my time, I coasted along with no real direction while feeling cast under dark clouds. I didn't love or laugh enough. So with a new year comes a new start, a blank page, one I'm excited to write on.

I'm quite superstitious when it comes to New Years Eve, I believe your mindset and the people you carry in your hearts as the clock strikes twelve is the driving force for the year. This is good thing as it encourages me to surround myself with fun, laughter and people I love, and I always contact absent friends at midnight to let them know there in my thoughts and therefore keeping them connected for the year ahead. Some of my friends think this is nuts but I'm a hopeless romantic with a love for cosmic signs, fate, karma and serendipitous moments. It's also a time for reflection and looking back on the year, to understand what you want going forward, how best to use your time, who you want to spend time with.

So what are your plans for tonight? This year my folks have offered to stay over at our house so we can go out with friends, dance, drink and generally have fun while F is tucked up in bed. This will be followed by fresh air and a family breakfast if our heads aren't too bad.

So to all you lovely people, whether you're tucked up at home or out partying on the dance floor, have a great night, stay happy, stay safe and have fun. 2014 is a whole new adventure where anything is possible.



  1. you've been through so much this past year but you always come across so cheery and positive xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I always like to try and stay positive :) 2014 is my year xx



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