21 October 2013


To get us in the mood for F's upcoming pirate party we thought a fun filled day aboard the ss Great Britain would be the perfect family day out. So the other week we headed down to Bristol docks, F bubbling with excitement asking us all the way if we were going on a real ship. As soon as we arrived, F shed his dinosaur costume for a pirates hat and we were welcomed by an array of vibrant flags majestically flapping in the breeze. 

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We managed to navigate F through the well stocked ticket office and shop and stepped out onto the dry dock where the enormity of the ship can be taken in. Oohs and ahhs escaped our lips as we walked alongside the hull of the historic vessel and F craned his neck to spy the mast. 
After spending some time investigating the crates, cargo and anchor chains along the side of the ship we headed through the doors of the Dockyard Museum which tells the history behind the ss Great Britain. F immediately was drawn to the large ships wheel with a booming captains voice navigating you away from dangerous shores. The ambient lighting and industrial feel gives life to magnificent story of this majestic ship and we loved the trying on the period costumes, allowing us to get a feel for what it would have been like on board those long voyages. 

Excitedly we stepped aboard the ship itself, F screaming "Ahoy grrrr" and setting off down the deck at top speed to the ships wheel. We spent time taking in the view of the harbour from this new found height whilst our small captain charged around, pretend cutlass in hand. F's curiosity peaked as we headed below deck and entered the recreated world of the ss Great Britain's maiden voyage. We explored the first class cabins – taking in the smells and sounds of another time – including the doctors cabin where we spied a minor operation taking place. Down more stairs into the belly of the ship, we were surprised at the cramped living quarters and squalid conditions that these people endured in exchange of a new land.

After exploring all areas of the ship – from kitchen galleys to engine rooms – we headed below the 'glass sea' into the dry dock to walk alongside the massive hull of the ship and take in the enormous propellor. This was probably the most exciting part for me, as you suddenly feel so small beside this ocean giant and only then does it hit home that this great vessel once carried life upon it. We headed home after a fun filled day of adventure aboard the ss Great Britain and with free unlimited return tickets for a year, we'll be back with Captain F for more sea faring excitement soon.

Thanks to the lovely people of the ss Great Britain who gifted us tickets for a fun day out. 



  1. looks like a great place to visit - my kiddos love the maritime museum in Liverpool so sure they'd love this place too!



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