11 September 2013


One morning last week as I fumbled around the kitchen bleary eyed, F tugged on my pyjama bottoms and asked me what it was like to have an adventure, a real one. Those big brown eyes wide in anticipation, hungry for an answer. I'm normally quick off the mark with this sort of stuff, but I couldn't quite bring a fantastical tale to mind. So instead we raced to get dressed, shoes on and into the outside world. F's excitement was building being on a 'real' adventure while I racked my brain of what to do, still in my sleepy haze.

It's no secret that F is a massive fan of trains – I swore that no Thomas the Tank Engine book would ever set foot in my house, yet we have the entire series tucked away his room –  so as we passed Clifton Down station and heard the train rattle through I had a brain wave, a mini rail adventure. Adding to my list of peculiarities is my weird phobia of train platforms, more specifically the gap between the train and the platform. I LOVE travelling by rail, I've even travelled through most of France using the TGV, but something still makes my anxiety levels reach max for that whole one minute it takes to board a train. So spontaneously and anxiously I announced to F we were going to get a real train to the big train station. He literally buzzed with excitement as I fussed around him on the platform until we boarded the train for our 15minute journey.

We took our seat and I let F pay the conductor for our £1.50 ticket. As we rushed passed the different parts of the city, F was glued to the window randomly shouting out with excitement the things he could see: roof tops, chimney pots, trees, gardens, parks, allotments, pigeons, stations etc. We arrived at Bristol Temple Meads and for the first time I saw it through a toddlers eyes. This large space full of tracks and trains, enormously high ceilings and a big clock showing the time to the rushing passersby. The mixed smell of metal and coffee hit my nose at the same time as the loud speaker announced the train departing from platform three. A sensory delight to this small child of mine.

After proudly handing over our ticket to pass through the gates, we headed to the wonderful Harts Bakery, situated in the victorian railway arch in front of Bristol Temple Mead. This was my mama treat. As I tucked into portuguese custard tarts and a swirling hot chocolate, F entertained the staff with his dance moves, shouting hi and bye to customers stepping in for their bakery fix. This beautiful eclectic bakery filled with formica tables, vintage chairs and super magazines is the perfect hideaway away from the hectic world above. You can sit back and watch the bakers at work, creating perfect sourdough loafs and delectable tarts. Once we were truly stuffed we headed back home on the bus for F's lunchtime nap.

I hope he dreamed of amazing adventures.



  1. Sounds wonderful! Quite jealous that F still has a nap. Neither of my two go in for naps. Time to take them on an exhausting adventure! X

    1. I needed a nap after that little adventure. I do slightly dread the day that F gives up his naps completely x

  2. Sounds like a great day, Little Miss P is five now and still loves going on the train x x x



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