13 August 2013


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Muffled sounds slowly seep into my ears and my mind flickers, consciousness starting to dawn. Everything begins in slow motion. The last deep sleepful breath escapes my lips and the momentary breath of wakefulness drags through. A tiny sliver of light pushes its way through heavy lids, as I slowly start to blink my way into a new day. My body then follows suit, I twitch my hand in and in one lumbered move I roll pulling the blankets with me, entwining myself into a grip I don't want to escape. Then the sounds of the day get louder, clearer. Heavy footed steps making there way to me, loud shouts for breakfast are calling me, but I want more sleep. I feel tired. The tiredness is boring me. I long to skip out of bed with some vigour but this last week I have been struggling with this cold. I can feel it dragging on me – though that could be the toddler wrapped around my leg. The weight the same. So like a million other mamas out there, I reach for the coffee and muddle through.

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