25 July 2013


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Yes it's true, since this small white rectangle of magic entered my life my world has been changed. It's so easy to catch up with friends on the go, take cool pics and post them onto instagram/facebook/twitter or whatever other social media platform has got me hooked at the time or to be engulfed by the vacuum that is the internet. I love my iphone, I just love it a bit too much.

I am by nature a very social person, but more dangerously I have a very addictive personality. When I tried smoking at university I did it to the max for 2 years before abruptly quitting. Alcohol? yes that was me falling out of a car and if I read a book it will be in one sitting – or as close as I can get to it. As I have got older I have learned to curb my extreme side and gain more self control but not without practise. 

So you can imagine how hard it is for me not to be constantly pinning/tweeting/instagramming, but as F sits patiently and then asks 'have you finished now mummy?' a wave of guilt spreads over me as I realise this little boy is waiting. With this power of technology comes responsibility, in my case control. 

Is this just me I wonder, or is it the instant gratification society we live in. I was clothes shopping when I heard the ding, shoppers in such close proximity all instinctively slip their hand into their purse/pocket/bag. Nope not mine. Then I hear the second impatient text alert, almost screaming 'Why have you not checked me' and I see the owner of said phone looking anxiously at her bag while struggling under an armful of clothes for her daughter to try on. She eventually gives in, stops mid-scentence, hands over the clothes and takes a peek at her phone. The relief washes over her face, now she can relax and concentrate on what her teen is swirling around in. So maybe we are all being reprogrammed? I can't fathom how I managed as a child to meet friends or be home in time for tea. But in all honesty this was probably a time of absolute freedom. No distractions, just fun, conversation and imagination. 

After reading the lovely Che & Fidel's post about practising simplicity I have set myself the challenge to  spend a whole 24hours without my phone. No internet, no instagram/twitter/facebook, no unnecessary calls. This Sunday will be iphone free. I want to be emerged in the moment and focus on what is happening all around me. Hopefully I will feel refreshed and I can make some new boundries.

iPhone I'm not breaking up with you, I'm just taking a break.



  1. I just read your post and it makes me think about a project we did in class this year : Can you spend a day without your phone ? For my part I can, because my phone is useless and simple. Well it's not a iphone, but if I had one, i'll probably be all day long on it ^^

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