16 July 2013

A GOOD BOOK // When I Was Born

In celebration of my friend's little boy joining the world, I thought this would be the perfect good book.  I looked down at this tiny new being, fingers curled into tiny fists and my ovaries literally ached – newborns always make me broody. Then I glance up at my giant almost three year old racing round the room like a tornado and wonder where the time went. I almost can't remember what F was like to hold in those first few week of life. You think you'll remember, but you don't.

When I was Born is a prefect way of reminiscing those first moments or explaining the arrival of a new sibling. The striking graphic imagery of this book is beautiful, award winning and perfect for capturing the attention of younger children with its bold bright colours .

But I could not imagine 
how the waves speak when they come and go.
or how, when the wind sings, 
the trees sing too.

The simple things we take for granted are explored with a beautiful poetic style that flows through this book, and hopefully reignites your desire for adventure.




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