11 June 2013

A GOOD BOOK // A Walk in London

It has been six years since we left the bright lights of London and headed to the West Country, and although we love Bristol there's nothing more fun than catching up with friends in the big city. We normally hang out with family in Ealing when travelling with F, but as he is getting older we are growing more adventurous with our stays. We have a few sightseeing spots under our belt and we can't wait to introduce him to more. 

With another weekend away pencilled in the diary, I wanted something that would allow him to visualise the delights of the capital and help piece it together. A Walk in London does just that. It is beautifully illustrated with lots of fun details, such as jugglers in Covent Garden or the pelicans in St Jame's Park, and the story is enriched with additional facts that older kids can enjoy too. 

After living in London for five years, it's important to me that  F has an understanding of the city and its iconic landmarks. He's already excited about meeting the lions in Trafalgar Square (and to be honest I am too).



  1. 'A Walk in London' looks amazing- absolutely love the London Town overview, M x

    1. I can't wait to show F the sites using this book. We love it x



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