4 June 2013

A GOOD BOOK // Henri's Walk to Paris

Henri’s Walk to Paris is the story of a young boy who lives in Reboul, France, who dreams of going to Paris. One day, after reading a book about Paris, he decides to pack a lunch and head for the city.

My love of art and design has been with me for as long as I can remember and I have worked in the creative sector for most of my adult life. I was the child who would build houses with my sandwiches rather than eat them (much to my mum's exasperation) and was always painting and scribbling away. Now I can see F following in those footsteps. His imagination so vivid.

I love to read F books with beautiful illustrations or bold graphics, stories of adventures that one day he might pursue. So as soon as I saw Henri's Walk to Paris I couldn't wait to introduce it to F. This charming tale of a young boy who dreams of Paris only to find everything he needs at home, was originally published in 1962 and is the only children's book illustrated by the talented Saul Bass

As a mama it seems my senses have been heightened. Seeing the world through F's eyes has slowed me down; taking time to stop and see the dappled light through the trees, notice how the dandelions furl up closed like tiny umbrellas or to appreciate the aroma of coffee before I take my first sip. 

F has enriched my life and now I want to return the favour.


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