11 May 2013


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Being a mama is an amazing experience. Having those big brown puppy dog eyes look up at you, whilst little hands stroke your face and the words 'I love you mummy' drown your ears, would melt the stoniest of hearts. It is a chance to have fun, be silly, play, learn and look upon things with a whole new perspective. It's great unless sometimes it's not, because let's face it, sometimes it's hard. Bloody hard.

Motherhood is a journey into the wild and it can be grizzly. When they are screaming and holding your leg/arm/hair/keys (delete as appropriate) to ransom, they refuse to sleep, you're PMT-ing like a bitch and you're trying to keep all the other things swirling round your head imprisoned with a sweet smile for your little one whilst counting to ten. Well today was one of those days. Today at the age of 32, I was given a timeout by my two year old and the husband had to step in.

I love feeling on top of it all, but today I was just looking up.


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