1 October 2013

A GOOD BOOK // Poo Bum

Not the typical book I would go for, but with my toddler's love of the word poo and the erupting belly giggles that followed who could say no to this good book.

Poo Bum follows the adventures of a little Rabbit called Simon. Loved and doted on by his family, he rudely responds to any question with the answer 'Poo Bum' – insert F's hysterics here – much to the shame of his mum and dad. The bright cheerful colours and simple stylistic illustrations will easily grab any child's attention, while the bold text lends itself to those who are learning to read. The little rabbit soon meets a grizzly fate and as Simon's stricken parents hunt high and low for their treasured bunny they eventually find him in the stomach of a sickly wolf. Returned home to his family, it seems the little rabbit has finally learnt his lesson as he replies eloquently to any questions asked of him, until he discovers a new word. This book is sure to become a kids fast favourite.


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  1. each time you post a book it just gets better and better!! x

    1. Thanks lovely, I definitely have fun choosing them :) x

  2. I love toilet humour. Just not in front of my in laws!

    1. haha, yes there is the risk the word poo bum could be shouted at inopportune moments ;) x



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