14 December 2016


Mexico is beyond a doubt one of the most beautiful and most interesting places to visit. The first to be colonised of all American countries, it nurtures a strong connection with its European heritage. Apart from its rich history, this incredible place can also pride itself on some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes. I've teamed up with fellow blogger *Elma Humpries to recommend top destination on your wedding.

Both of these things when combined make Mexico into a prime tourist destination. Therefore, it is no surprise that this epicentre of Mesoamerican tourism attracts countless couples willing to get married in a tropical paradise. With this in mind, here are top three Mexican wedding and honeymoon destinations.

1. Cancun

For all those with a bit more substantial budget, Cancun is definitely a place to visit. A venue at such a location is bound to cost an arm and a leg, but getting married on the Cancun seaside is definitely worth it. Imagine a scenario where you are supposed to tie the knot right between the azure waters of the Atlantic and lush wildlife of Yucatan. Those who decide to stay for their honeymoon as well can look forward to one of numerous Cancun adventures such as Xplor tour, extreme canopy adventure and of course Rio Secreto Expedition.

2. The Puerto Vallarta

Opposite to Cancun, on the Mexico’s Pacific coast, lies Puerto Vallarta - another tourist haven, and a great place to say ‘I do’. One of the most popular wedding destinations in the entire Mexico is Playa del Amor near Cabo. This particular place is a hidden beach in the Marieta Islands archipelago which is just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is also Mexico’s capital of golf. Additionally, this place is known as a hotspot for people interested in various water sports and it is a centre of Pacific coast nightlife.

3. Los Cabos

This place is located at the southernmost tip of Baja California Peninsula and it represents one of the most dazzling wedding locations in Mexico. While still not as popular as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, this is the fastest growing resort area in the entire country. For a honeymoon, this place offers a wide array of activities such as horseback riding, snorkelling and even deep sea fishing. An ideal opportunity for all those dreaming of getting married abroad.

Final thoughts

While the most important thing about marriage is your partner, the location can be quite important as well. What's better than giving your favourite person in the world a wedding and a honeymoon of their dreams? For those who share this opinion, Mexico is the land of opportunity.

*Elma Humpries is a content writer, photographer and blogger. She loves exploring the world and discovering new cultures and food.

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  1. We went to Mexico on honeymoon, to the Riviera Maya and it was incredible. I'd go back again tomorrow! x



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