12 May 2016


Mama style and EMU Australia boots
Over the last few weekends we've really been enjoying slow days pottering around the city, hanging out with friends, trying out new places to eat and generally having fun. As the weather is still proving to be quite unpredictable I've been switching between trainers and these spring boot c/o Emu Australia – totally crushing on these – and maybe the occasional sandal and naked toes! The silvery metallic finish looks really cool with a pair of skinnies and because they are so lightweight and breathable, they make for a perfect boot that can be enjoyed all year round. So when we headed down to North Street I decided to team them up with my leopard print jacket and sunnies for a bit of fun mama style.
The other week we decided to check out the new-top-us, Pizza Workshop, and a new coffee pit stop for me. Both Paul and F are huge pizza fan's so we thought it would be fun to sit out on the street front channelling some Brooklyn vibes in this small but perfectly formed restaurant/pizza bar, which oozes cool with its striking geometric stools, minimalist interior, delicious sourdough pizza and gluten free bases *win*.  

Typically we didn't manage to snap many pics inside as we were to busy enjoying our slices! They were delicious and it's definitely a place I'd recommend for families, as F loved the colouring in menu and the service was super friendly and quick. Afterwards I grabbed a quick flat white from Tincan Coffee and wandered around taking in some pretty blossoms before heading back up to our neck of the woods. We even took a blanket on the Downs for a bit of R&R. 

Tincan coffee BristolBeautiful spring blossoms and slow days in bristol

The kiddo, as per usual, had boundless energy and was very excited to try out his new Cheetah Sneakers c/o Emu Australia, which of course can make him run faster ;) They are so super cute with the little face on the front and I even caught him chatting to them about a race. It makes me feel quite nostalgic seeing him wear such a iconic Australian brand as I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Perth, and even though this is a far cry from Oz, it feels like I'm somehow giving him a little connection to my childhood.

Cheetah sneaks from Emu Australia, kids fashion, kids stye, kids trainers, animal shoesMuddy Puddles coat, kids fashion, kids raincoatThis boy surprises me everyday with his kind nature, inquisitive mind and boundless energy, he really makes my heart swell with pride. As the weather has been so unpredictable I've been carrying around this Pac-a-mac c/o Muddy Puddles for any sudden downpours, plus he looks super cute in this raindrop jacket.

Emu Australia Shoes, kids fashion, kids style,

This weekend is going to be filled with more slow days, a school friends birthday party for F and a Eurovision party for us big kids ;) and fingers crossed there might even be sun!

What are you up to this weekend? 



  1. you look amazing - those boots are gorgeous! Where's your jacket from? My ancient leopard print one finally fell apart and I haven't found one to replace it with yet!

  2. Eurovision - woohooh!

    Those shoes are so cute, and again you're making me fancy moving to Bristol. It always looks so gorgeous in your photos x

  3. Loving both of your shoes - but seriously how cute are F's!!! Such a colourful and happy post - Bristol is an amazing city

    Laura x

  4. Gorgeous boots...I didn't get to buy any new ones this season as on maternity leave so can't wait to treat myself when I'm back to work. Love your photos, so cool and looks like you've been really enjoying your town, something I really should do more x



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