5 January 2016

HELLO 2016

hello 2016
Hello 2016 and you lovely lot! I hope you all had a beautiful start to the New Year and thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas festivities with family and friends. Sorry I've been a little AWOL, nope I haven't been eaten by crocodiles or kidnapped and held at ransom in a lonely mountain scene somewhere far far away, although at times over the last few weeks it has felt like that.

On entering Christmas I made the decision to give myself time off, to fully be present, put down the camera and my phone – although I struggled a little at times – and to enjoy a break from all things work/technology related. It was much needed and I enjoyed the space, but now it's time to to come back to this cosy little nook I've created for myself and I'm looking forward to sharing lots with you.

You might remember I started the year with the word Self, full of good intentions and determination. I loved all the adventures: Amsterdam, Berlin, Palma and those closer to home with festivals, glamping and beautiful hotel stays. I loved exploring and taking in all things new. However looking back I didn't uphold my chosen word, I also faced challenges and heartache, more than I had expected or wanted... but as midnight struck I was dancing, hands held high, raising the roof with laughter and it was all good.

I had aimed to start January with much gusto, however I feel like I've been allowing 2015 to wash over me as 2016 slowly comes into focus, and so I've sat and wondered what this year would hold for me, what words and intentions would guide me through the next 12 months. To be honest there has been many and also a desire for none.

Instead I'm allowing time for myself, for growth, for self development, to create new connections to love and be present, as well as my usual lust for travel, laughter and coffee. I'll be here planning, doing, creating, learning, documenting, sharing, except when I'm not, because sometimes I will be absent and that will also be ok.

I am so grateful for all this space has brought: the friends, the opportunities and I'm excited to see what the world has in store. I hope you all have a fabulous year full of love and adventure. xx



  1. love this post, lori! i hope 2016 is a fantastic year for you, and that you have the strength to get though the less lovely moments too <3.

  2. Sending love to you Lori. I hope 2016 treats you gently and brings happiness with it, you certainly deserve it lovely xxx

  3. Here is to 2016 lovely. Sending you all my love and hope you have all the happiness in the world. x



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