23 November 2015


wolf man jumper fat faceslow sundays and winter style

So it's finally here, the cold air nipping at my toes, finger tips tingling, rosy cheeks and warm breath rising from behind woollen scarves, and just like that it was winter. Yesterday morning as the sun streamed in though the window and dappled light danced on the wall, it felt like the perfect moment to sink into a slow Sunday filled with coffee, fresh air and cosy knits.

Weekends are such a precious time for this family of three as it's the only time that the kiddo has us all together, what with work pulling us all in different directions and continents, it's those two days that he looks forward to the most and sometimes I try and fill it with busy, yep all those jobs that need doing and things to tidy but not this weekend. Nope instead I decided to step out of our routine and do something different.

Fairisle Yoke jumper fat face

My first thoughts turned to coffee as they so often do and with the train tracks littering the lounge we made a race of getting ready to leave the house. Pulling on layers to ensure we were warm, the weather warranted the cosiness that only comes from a chunky jumper, one that can be snuggled into. Excited for our first festive jumpers c/o Fat Face, I wore the beautiful Fairisle Yoke Jumper channelling the cool Nordic vibes and grey is pretty much a staple in my wardrobe meaning it will last me though winter and look chic all in one go.
keeping cosy in winter style with Fat Face Wolf Jumper from Fat Face

Paul is a huge fan of winter knits and the more festive the better, so this colourful Windham Placement Crew jumper was a perfect choice for him, and as he is so tall I was surprised how great a fit is was. Obviously F chose the best of all, rocking this amazing wolf jumper  – it's now the only thing he wants to wear – once dressed we headed into the city for brunch and an impromptu game of boules in Queens Square.

men's jumper from fat face
I love heading out for brunch on a Sunday as it's one of my favourite treats of the week, to sit and be slow, sipping good coffee and watching the world go by. Tucked on the corner of Queen's Square is Spicer & Cole with its small but beautifully proportioned interior and cool urban style. Concrete counters meet chalk board walls and the dark moody design is lit by the wood floorboards and wrap round window.

mama style from Fat Faceslow sunday and winter stylespicer & cole brunch in bristol

After tucking into poached eggs on sourdough and freshly squeezed orange juice, we ordered coffee to go and took our Boules over to the square. F got hooked on this when we were in France and is always eager to play, and although we had a few odd looks it was great fun and free! Plus we were kept cosy in our winter knits.

slow sundays in bristolwinter style jumpers from Fat Face
Another weekend gone, dusted off and retired to the memory banks and oh what a good one, and with Christmas on its way I can start to feel the excitement in the air. Soon after Paul headed off to Heathrow and we took a lazy walk around the harbour, sharing stories on our way home, ready to snuggle down indoors.  Oh and one more pic because I can't get enough of this kiddo! 

Slow sunday and winter style from Fat Face

Are you winter ready? do you love to snuggle up in a good jumper during the festive season?

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. ah you all look great, I think I love yours the best though. I adore this time of year for jumper weather, it's so exciting! Also don't think I've ever been to Spicer and Cole, must rectify that! x

    1. Can't believe you haven't tried S&C! You guys would love it! x

  2. I love slow winter Sundays. Gorgeous jumpers- Danny has the wolf one too! xxx

  3. He's a beautiful boy - and you all look fab in those jumpers! It's easy to fill weekends with busy isn't it - great to just stop & spend quality time together X

  4. I love, love, love your winter knits!!! That sounds like my perfect Sunday too. We love going for brunch and having a nice slow relaxing day. I really need a Christmas jumper. I absolutely adore your photos. xx #love2blog

  5. Literally cannot get over how gorgeous you hair is! #HairEnvy

    I'm from Bristol originally and visit every now and again - will have to check out Spicer and Cole. :)

    Gorgeous winter jumpers.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  6. Ooh I love those winter jumpers! I looove fair isle knits. Absolutely beautiful photographs, it looks like you had a fab weekend :)

  7. You all look fab, I LOVE the jumpers! Sounds like a mega fun weekend :) Love the new blog look too! x

  8. Oh there are so many things about this post I love - the jumpers are gorgeous - coffee - I love coffee! Snuggling up on a winters day is the best. Fab photos :) Kaz x

  9. Love the Christmassy jumpers - I've gone sooo overboard with winter jumpers for the baby this year! x

  10. What a gorgeous boy! He looks like a little model. The jumpers look fantastic and I like how you've styled them. Fair isle knits are just perfect for winter. Have a great week :)

  11. I love the jumper on him. Very stylish. During winter time I do like to put on a festive jumper for work as we do Christmas jumper day but generally no because these are knit jumpers and it just makes me itch and it's just way too warm.

  12. I love the outfits they look super cosy! So stylish and definitely look festive! :) That cafe looks really nice too! xx

  13. Love your winter jumpers! Lamb would rock the wolf one :) looks like you had a lovely day. I can't wait to eat poached eggs again once this baby is here! X

  14. Ooob fab jumpers Lori!! I lobe this time of year...and slow Sundays are my favourite :)

  15. Sundays are the best! It's the only day all five of us are together and winter jumpers are a must aren't they!? I love the colours of your one & now i'm a blondie again, i may just have to snap one up myself!

  16. Everyone looks really funky and warm! I love your jumper, looks so cosy.

  17. This is the definition of a Sunday! Good food, cosy jumpers and fun! Love your photos x

  18. Oh my gosh I am totally in love with your winter and christmas inspired jumpers especially F - such a super stylish little man

    Laura x



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