17 November 2015


magazine subscription for kids with Okido magazinekids christmas gift idea magazine subscriptionThe thing about kids magazines, and ignore me while I sigh at the stacks of peppa pig decorated with random delights of plastic tat and strategically placed at the height of small grabby hands, is that they are so disposable and quite frankly ugly. 

Yes I know seeing your little ones eyes light up in recognition of their favourite character can do wonders when you’re desperately seeking a five minute break, but really I want something a bit better than matching the Octonauts to their Gups or what Daddy Pig has got going on. I want something which will inspire, be informative, engage conversation, packed with crafts AND be well designed without the hefty price tag. Something that can sit on the shelf and make a good stocking filler – yep I've got Christmas shopping on my mind!

Too much to ask you say? Well we’ve been a long term fan of the Fabulous Messy Monster book which has made it on screen with the brand new series, Messy Goes to Okido on CBeebies, and F is so excited to share his name with one of the main characters that it has him hooked.

magazine subscriptions for kidsOkido Magazine is the arts and science magazine for 3- 8 year old children. It's designed to engage young children in scientific discovery in the most fun and creative way. From seasons to dinosaurs and all the good bits in between, it's chocked full of fun doodles, cut out and make sections, recipe ideas for little ones to get stuck in, crazy cartoons and surreal sequences.

Okido cool magazine subscriptions for kidsCool magazine subscription for kidsI love the bold colours and quirky design, and F seems to love it too! He spends ages pouring over the pictures, trying to pick out words he recognises and it’s great that the Messy Monster comic strip is at the front allowing kids to connect the TV character to paper. 

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Okido magazine subscription would make the perfect stocking filler for kids, imagine having bi-monthly brilliance drop through the letter box to the delight of your kiddo. I know a certain five year old will be getting one off Santa Claus.

*We recieved copies of Okido magazine for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and F's.



  1. We love Okido magazine and more so now it's on CBeebies. It's about the same price as all the other children's magazines but so beautiful that you want to keep and treasure it! x

  2. Yes! We love Okido too - such a fab magazine that's a great mix of engaging for kids and lovely to look at!

  3. Oh my goodness! I really want this for Talitha now. I'd never heard of it before! I'm definitely a believer that aesthetics do matter with this sort of thing. Kids deserve to be inspired too.

  4. We love this magazine! It's fab, so much better than all the crappy ones with plastic toys on the front! x



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