30 October 2015


how to keep the cost down when attending a wedding
Winter wedding season is coming and attending a wedding can be a wonderful way to spend a weekend – there is really nothing better than donning a lovely frock, sipping champagne and toasting to the life ahead for the bride and groom. It can be so nice to see two people that you care for celebrating their love for each other that you can almost forget the damage that the wedding can have on your pocket book! 

Today my lovely folks celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary – Happy Anniversary Mam & Dad! – and we'll be heading over a little later to share a slice of cake. Back then my parents wedding was a rather simple affair compared to the extravegance of today's weddings and thinking back to ours makes me realise we hadn't thought about costs for our guests rather the details of the big day. So I thought this *guest post on keeping costs down is timely with an invite landing through the letterbox.

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If you are someone who is concerned about your finances and you are keen to keep your credit report and savings accounts in good shape, attending numerous weddings each year can really be a drag. The Guardian has reported that the average cost of attending a wedding in the United Kingdom is 377 pounds per person – if you have a spouse, the out of pocket expense can easily top 1000 pounds per nuptial ceremony. This can really drive a frugal person a bit mad.

Here are a few tried and true ways that you can try to save money when you are attending a wedding – give these a try the next time you received a gilded envelope in the post!

• Check your credit – While this one may seem out of place, it is at the top of the list for a reason. Ensuring that your credit is in good shape before you start planning your budget as a wedding guest makes good sense- you can make sure that you have no unpaid debts and no black marks on your credit score. Check your Experian credit report here before planning anything else.

• Buy one beautiful dress/ suit – Spending a little bit of money at the outset on one really great dress or suiting can sting the wallet initially, but this will pay off over time. Make sure that it is versatile and appropriate for all seasons, and then it can be styled differently for each wedding with accessories, scarves and shoes.

• Book in advance – Attending multiple weddings often means travelling across the country (or perhaps even across the continent or the globe for a destination wedding). While you may be tempted to wait and see what flights or trains your friends will be taking, it is often best to book as soon as possible in order to get the best prices. This can bring the cost down dramatically.

• Buy gifts on sale – Do you know that your friends or family members are planning to get married in the near future? Start shopping now – if you see a wonderful piece of art or a perfect gift on sale you can snap it up and store it until the wedding occurs, saving you heaps of money on gifts. You can even be cheeky and buy multiples of the same item, receiving bulk savings (as long as the couples don’t know each other!)

These are just a few of the things that can save you money when you are attending a wedding – what are your tips for being wedding savvy ?

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  1. Happy anniversary to your parents! I hope you had a lovely time eating cake ;) x

  2. wow amazing your parents have been married for so long! I have to admit I haven't been to that many weddings as all my friends have either got married before I met them OR my long term friends have yet to make that leap. I know they can be so costly though, especially if you end up going on hen/stag dos! x

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents! Beautiful photos and great tips, especially buying one beautiful dress. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Anniversary to your folks! This is all great advice, it's surprising how quickly the cost of someone else's wedding can mount up x

  5. £377 is SO MUCH! But I can totally see how it can all add up. PS You saying 'mam' just reminded me of your northern roots and it made me smile. xx

  6. great tips! Can't believe how much it can add up going to someone elses wedding!!

  7. Happy anniversary to your folks and thanks for the useful tips. I've got a family wedding coming up next year and am trying not to spend too much! xx

  8. such good tips re: experian great to know where you stand

  9. Happy Anniversary to your folks and I love these photos. That amount seems totally bonkers, I have never spent anywhere near that amount at all but then I usually don't buy a dress specially for it try and be as frugal as possible

    Laura x

  10. Happy belated anniversary to your folks - hope they had a lovely weekend! That amount is insane though, totally bokers - so these tips are perfect!



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