13 July 2015


Mojito Monday recipeYep it's Monday. The day which makes most people sigh as they leave the fun of the weekend behind them and head into work for the week. Before I started blogging/freelancing I used to get that sinking feeling on the walk to work, already planning what fun I could have come Friday. So I started a little tradition at home, for those Mondays that were particularly hard to get into I would celebrate the start of the week with Mojito Monday.

When Paul and I travelled to Rome – pre-child – we really got into our mojito vibe, having fun exploring the city by day and partying by night. So I thought we'd bring a little holiday fun home with us and indulge with a cocktail now and again in the comfort of our flat. So when I saw thebar.com had created fun and easy Shake-Up summer cocktail videos I knew it would be fun to get involved and enjoy a mojito Monday at home. Normally we use a white rum to create our cocktail but we followed the 'No Problemo Mojito' video and tried Captain Morgan's Spice Rum to give it a touch of summer.

Enjoy a mojito monday recipe at home #letscocktailcreating the perfect mojito

To make your own Mojito Monday at home you'll need:

• Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
• Ice Cubes and Crushed Ice
• Fresh Mint
• Soda Water
• Limes
• Caster Sugar
Mojito IngredientsSlap the mint to release the flavour

• First you need to slap the mint to release the flavour ad add to your glass
• Add two parts rum and the juice of half a lime per glass. 
• Next add two spoons of Caster sugar to give it a sweet zing.
•  Fill your glass with ice and two parts soda water, mix well and enjoy!

make a mojtio with the #letscocktail challengeSipping Cocktails at home

The recipe is super easy to follow and we made our cocktails straight into a glass rather than jug, which we'd normally do on a weekend or when drinking with friends, but as we have a four year old to wake us up early o'clock we limit ourselves to one cocktail each on a weeknight. As Paul is travelling to Budapest today we made ours last night but I might sneak a cheeky one in tonight to ease myself into my solo parenting week. 

If you want to create your own Mojito Monday a home then you can watch the video below to see how the cocktail crashers create the perfect summer drink or head over to thebar.com for more cocktail ideas.

Do you have a favourite cocktail? I'd love to see what you come up with by tagging images with #letscocktail on twitter or Instagram.

* This post is in collaboration with thebar.com


  1. Ooh, I just need soda water and I have all the ingredients to make these at home tonight! Tempting! I do love a cocktail but I often forget (or get lazy!) and stick to the same old drinks. I really need to get more adventurous with my drinks this summer! Great post! :-) x

  2. I love mojitos they are so refreshing on a hot summers day . I love how you have organized the post into sections and the quality and the style of the pictures really help the reader get a good understanding of your tutorial. www.fadedspring.co.uk

  3. Yum, these look amazing. I love cocktails, pina coladas are my fave x

  4. Cocktails any day is good for me but really love this idea! Not a fan of mojitos though so I'll go for a woo woo Wednesday!

  5. I am all about Mojito Monday - well once the baby is in bed anyway. These look so good and perfect for a warm summers night

    Laura x

  6. Well made coctails are always the best especially when it is hot or on a littel parties with a friends :)



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