20 July 2015


You might have noticed that I have a soft spot for photography, in fact it's fair to say I love it. My shelves are full of books – like this and this – by various photographers such as that have inspired me along the way and I always try to keep a camera handy just in case. While I don't assume to know the technical side of photography, that hasn't stopped me from documenting my life and flexing my creative muscles. So when I was asked if I would like to complete an online course with at MyPhotoSchool I jumped at the chance, and enrolled onto the Introduction to Professional Reportage Documentary Photo Journalism course.

Our first assignment was to take three shots only using 40 frames, focusing on a standard portrait shot, an environmental shot and a detail shot. There are four lessons in total set two weeks apart, each including a video lecture discussing case studies and assigning homework, as well as a forum to chat to fellow students and ask questions.

I chose to document my kiddo to see if I could capture different moods with the camera and after half  a day following him around trying to compose the perfect shot I finally submitted my work. I was interested to get feedback on the images, to see where I'd captured a mood successfully and where my weaknesses lie.

Personally I love all three images but I feel the final shot doesn't quite sit as well in terms of colour and tone, plus it's more of an artistic piece than documenting him – although I still love that I found him hiding behind the curtain, peeking out to the world while hidden away.

In our next lesson we have to document someone at work, showing their workspace, their job and their character. This will give me the chance to capture moments in a different way, especially as I'll not have the close personal relationship that I do with F. I'm certainly excited to see what develops from this course and I'll be hoping to post my work along the way so you can follow.

*I was offered a place on this course for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.  


  1. What a brilliant opportunity! Love the idea of being able to get better at something you're really passionate about. Would love to do something like this x

  2. that second photo is wonderful! This sounds like a brilliant course, I'd love to know a bit more about my camera x

  3. great opportunity! It's always great to be able to learn new skills x

  4. I'd love to do a course - I love photography but I do get pictures wrong quite a lot! So much to learn! Great idea and enjoy yours. I love the idea of improving my skills :) Jess x

  5. These sound great. I love the idea of online courses although I am so rubbish I never get around to doing them, I signed up for an online sewing course a while ago and haven't even looked at it yet! Fab photos x

  6. This class sounds amazing and I absolutely love your three photos. I really need to take better more creative photos. Might be a good one for me to do. Great opportunity. Look forward to your next assignment. lol

  7. E-learning is the way of the future! We're getting to fit so many amazing opportunities into our busy lives. Great photos.

  8. Ahh these photos are BRILLIANT Lori. What a great sounding course.



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