15 June 2015


Working from home and looking after F can be quite a juggling act, so finding the time to go out shopping for new clothes and carving out a bit of me time is quite rare, which is why most of my jeans have holes in the knees and my hair is crazy long *note to self book appointment at hairdressers!* So when I was asked to collaborate with Lyst – an online shopping site that allows you to follow brands, watch trends and create wish 'lysts' in one place – to check out their site, instantly knew this would be a game changer and allow me to keep on top of all those fashion pieces I've been lusting over.

When you first sign up – which is totally free by the way *whoop* – you get asked which brands you'd like to follow and I was excited to see that all my favourite brands are on there, from ASOS to Zara and everything in between. The site is super easy to use and within minutes I had created a summer style lyst create my perfect look for hanging out at the weekend, oh and can we just take a minute to appreciate this crazy amazing ring which I'm totally in love with!

I immediately downloaded the app so I could have my 'Lyst' in my pocket and add items on the go. One of my favourite things about this site is the News for you section, which cleverly uses the data of brands liked and items listed to create a unique inspiration Lyst of fresh goodies just for you, and if you want a different type of inspiration then you can click on the The Long Lyst. This is one my favourite parts, reading bite-sized articles and interviews on trends and designers while creating mood boards and using the sale section to grab a bargain, a big win win for me. 

I can honestly say this might change the way I shop for good, no more manic super market style dashes in a snatched 30 minutes or bribing happily bringing F along for a quick trip to my favourite store. Now I can make Lyst's on the go – like jewellery I'm crushing on – or click an item and purchase it there and then. It's so super easy to use and well designed, it would be crazy not to have this in your pocket. How do you find time to shop? Are you a lyst maker or grab and go type? 



  1. After this post, I'll be a lyst maker for sure ;-)

  2. This sounds really good! I don't really like shopping in shops because I find it stressful and I don't find it enjoyable, I much prefer to shop online if I can from the comfort of my own sofa! I'm definitely going to give this a go, love that ring too!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  3. Ooh sounds good. I often look at my pinterest board for a quick reference when I'm shopping but this would be much better! x

  4. Shopping and small children just don't go together, do they? This sounds pretty useful.

  5. good idea! and i really like that lovely watch - do you know where it's from?

  6. Looks great! Shopping is so much harder after becoming a parent x



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