29 May 2015


Before the days of evening lock down – a.k.a F's bedtime  – one of my favourite pastimes was meeting up with friends and heading out into the night for an evening of carefree fun and a lie in the next day. When I lived in London I was a social butterfly and could be found out most nights sipping cocktails, out dancing, attending art openings or meeting friends for tasty bites to eat.

When I moved to Bristol I was a little worried that it wouldn't live up to my London night life and all the exciting venues the capital had to offer but I was soon proved wrong. There are so many things going on whether it's a music gig, pop up restaurant, art exhibition opening, outdoor cinema, secret dinner club, outdoor ski discos, underground bars or even hanging out by the harbour side as the sun goes down.

Long gone are the days I can head out at the drop of a hat and I often miss the spontaneous meet ups with friends, nowadays there's a minimum of five days planning and organising childcare before I can step outside, I think we're the only parents I know that don't use a paid babysitter, relying on my folks coming over from Wales or the kindness of good friends to step in. It's really made me appreciate the little things, like walking to meet friends when the sun is low and the light lingers in a certain way, where I suddenly feel a buzz of excitement in the air.

Some of my favourite underground haunts in Bristol are Hausbar, Milk Thistle and the Red Light. There's something quite exciting about seeking a secret sign or symbol to an entrance way, ringing a doorbell and hoping you've got the right place, only to have a thick curtain pulled back and someone lead the way to cool interiors and cocktails.

The next few weeks are looking pretty busy and I'll be spending quite a bit of time in London over the next month, I'm really looking forward to catching up with friends and discovering some cool places, like this amazing pink dining room, this fun detective agency or eating blind folded.

How often do you get to go out on an evening? Do you use a babysitter? I'd love to hear how you balance your social life with motherhood, and if you know any cool places to try in London then please send me some tips! x

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  1. Oh my goodness, that pink place looks AMAZING!! x

  2. I've just spent some time on the Evans and Peel website - how cool is that?? Way too cool for me I expect. Most nights I watch repeats of The Hotel Inspector and drink tea :-)

  3. Can I come for cocktails at Sketch with you please?! I love nothing more than getting dressed up and going for a really lovely meal in London. One of my faves is the Berner's Tavern - they do amazing steak. And their Sunday roast is amazing.

  4. Oh I agree it's really hard to get a balance. We tend to visit freinds who live locally, and now the girls are a little older, they come with us, have fun with their children whilst we eat, drink and chat . It's the spontaneity that I miss, everything really has to be preplanned even if you OH is staying at home whilst you go out with friends.

  5. Wow this looks amazing I am coming for cocktails!!! lol It's nice to get all dressed up and just have a great night with food drinks and great company isn't it? I will have to make note next time I am in London to stop by here. Sounds amazing.

  6. i've wanted to go to sketch for ages. all of the pink!

  7. I've always wanted to go to Sketch too - the interiors are just so darn instagrammable and I hear they do an amazing afternoon tea! x



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