9 April 2015


A kids best friend // F with his puppy dog

A bit like marmite, most people fall into one of two catergories when discussing pets, you're either a dog person or a cat person. In my 34 years I haven't really found a person that sits on a fence when it comes to this subject, and I am happy to say that I am a BIG dog person. I love dogs, as a kid I remember the years of begging my parents for a puppy, any sort really as long as it had four legs, wet nose and a tail I was in. After all a dog is a kid's best friend.

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At the age of five, my parents relented and I woke on Christmas morning – erm we now know a dog is not just for Christmas – to the super bounciest Labrador puppy. Unfortunately the upkeep of a puppy and child was not to be and Lucy was returned a few weeks later *cue heartbreak and my small threats to call child services on them* and so instead I was bought a Dog Encyclopedia and set about learning it cover to cover. By the age of ten I knew pretty much every breed of dog and once again my folks agreed that now would be a more appropriate time to have a puppy in the house, except when it wasn't, and after a couple of months our fluffy Tibetan Terrier also moved to a new owner who could provide her with the attention she needed....*again child services threats from me*

I'm sure at the time my parents had their reasons of why we couldn't keep a family pet and after having the dog sized carrot dangled in front of my face, a rabbit or hamster just wasn't going to cut it. Eventually at the age of 15 – and yes I can see the pattern here – we visited a rescue shelter and Barney was brought home. How I loved that dog! Barney was six when we got him and lived happily to the grand old age of 18.

Black and white photo of BarneyI always wondered whether F would be a dog person or a cat person, as Paul is definitely the latter, and I when I heard him utter the words 'mum can we pleeeeeeaaaase get a dog' I had to stop myself from fist pumping the air in triumph. So now the question is when is the right time to get a dog and what breed would be best?

Most people shy away from large breeds when deciding what dog to have but some breeds definitely get a bad rep, I remember visiting a breeder of St Bernard's, Newfoundlands and Pyrenees Mountain dogs and they were a dream. So gentle and caring, probably the reason they're used as mountain rescue dogs still today. The Co-op have created a piece about ten big dogs that are actually big softies, it's sad to think that people buy any dog based on looks rather than finding out which breed would suit their family and lifestyle. I can't wait for the time to come when we can introduce a dog into our family.

Would you have a dog and a child at home? What do you think of large breeds?

*In association with the Co-op.


  1. We have a dog, inherited from my new boyfriend, and I must admit I find it hard as I am definitely a cat person! She is a Basset Fauve de Bretagne and a bugger to get to do anything!

  2. Haha I am SO not a dog person, or a cat person.. I do love monkeys though and would love one of those as a pet! X

  3. I'm a definite cat person. I like dogs but find it slightly terrifying that you have to trust their owners to have trained/treated them properly in order for them to be happy and safe. So really it's not the dogs, it's the owners that worry me. But, I definitely prefer cats... x

  4. As a teenager, we had five huskies (one of which then had 8 puppies) and i always said i wouldn't get a big dog as the term "my dog ate my homework" was actually true! But we have rescued a springer spaniel. He is a long legged one so is larger than most of that breed but is so loving and the biggest softie. We have had him for over a year now and he hasn't gone for anyone or growled or barked at all. He just loves his runs with me and then just sleeps in his chair the rest of the time :) x

  5. I grew up with dogs (my parents even bred them at one point so we had litters of pups) but I just can't quite make the leap to get one ourselves yet. I think we just have enough on our plate so maybe when the kids are a bit older. Would LOVE a Westie!!

  6. I grew up with animals but sadly Buba is highly allergic so we won't be getting any for the kids but I would have loved to have a dog for them to grow up with and be best friends with. It really is man's best friend. Lovely post.



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