18 March 2015


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It's been another fortnight since our last series of Style In Your City, which showcases your life and creates a community celebrating all the things you love about where you live. I think this is definitely my favourite image from Instagram from the last fortnight due to the sentiment of live vibrantly from Xanthe. My post pick was by These Four Walls, as I have a taste for travel at the moment and it was great to get a glimpse of Lisbon through this link up.

As you can see my #StyleInYourCity post is not in Bristol but rather Berlin, I have so many cool pics that I wanted to share with you and I love the pops of yellow I found on my travels. When you think of Berlin, most people think of the words: grey, industrial, cold and concrete, and while the last one might be true, I couldn't have found it more different. Yes there is graffiti and areas that are unloved, but there is also colour and curiosities waiting to be discovered and that is why I love seeing places through others eyes as there is always a new perspective to see.

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Style in your city berlin styleStyel in your ci,ty Berlin, colourStyle in your city, berlin graffitiStyle in your city colourful yellow
Style in your city, travel blogger Wild & Grizzly by berlin wallSequins on a building berlin

Whether it's a painted facade, glittering signs, bright balconies, the U-Bhan speeding overhead, swinging bulbs or dappled light, it seems that even on an overcast day the city is alive. Colour lurks around every corner waiting to be observed and when the light slowly fades another yellow comes to life, headlights stream down roads and the hum of fluorescent tubes and street lights flicker into action. When dark approaches the city bursts and it feels like everyone, both young and old, are all outside with somewhere to go. At the weekend the streets are eerily still as the city sleeps off its hazy night, and mornings emerge slowly into the day as lunchtime approaches.

Style in your city yellow balconies berlin, street styleUbhan in Berlin, street style
Style in your city concrete and lights berlinStyle in your city, street signs berlin

To me these pops of colour are like reminders of the energy here, if you only see the ugly in urban landscapes or keep your eyes down as you rush from one destination to another you could easily miss it, but take time to look around and even on the greyest of days the city is alive and buzzing.

So how does it work? 

We would love it if you wanted to link up and join in with 'Style in your City'. We want you to hunt down what catches your eye and shouts style to you and it could be anything: colourful buildings, street art that catches you've spotted, fashion your loving, art you've seen, fab patterns.. We'll pick be showcasing our favourites on our blogs each fortnight. We're running this as a bi-weekly feature and you don't have to have a blog to join in or live in a bustling city for that matter, simply use the hashtag #styleinyourcity on twitter and/or IG with a photo and tag @wildandgrizzly and @tigerlillyquinn.

You can find me on Instagram here and twitter here.
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Thanks so much to everyone who linked up over the last two weeks, if you fancy linking up you can do so below, the next link up will be in two weeks time.



  1. A fantastic post Lori - I love your photos and they way you saw the city in such a colourful way. It made me really want to head over there and explore! x

    1. Thanks lovely! It's such an amazing place to explore x

  2. Love your photos of Berlin - brings back memories of when I went there when I was a student :-)

  3. Berlin, Germany has even more attractions that you may not have seen yet and while you're in Berlin you definitely want to check out their fine dining and see what tastes good. Labyrintoom auf Facebook

  4. Very interesting blog. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in. but I'm most definately interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

  5. I do, because there is a huge mix of architecture and because of its alternative feel. It may look edgy in some places but its still the most beautiful city on earth. It gives you a very unusual sense of freedom, and I personally think that Berlin’s classical architecture is even more beautiful that Parisian architecture. Do My Essays



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