11 March 2015


Last weekend I was super excted to be travel to Berlin for work with my blogging pal Fritha, and if you follow me on IG you would certainly have seen a few snapshots of us as we explored the city and filled our bellies with delicious bites. Our job was to find the best the city had to offer and review cool eats for LovinBerlin, 16 places over 3 days, which is a lot of eating!  

We stayed over at the wonderful Linnen Hotel and Apartments (anthother post on that to come) and I can't wait to come back and stay, with a park on almost every corner I couldn't help thinking how much F would love it here, plus Paul would love the food.

Apart from my love of street art and urban landscapes, one of my main reasons for wanting to visit was to see the Berlin Wall. On the evening of November 9th 1989, my dad woke me from my sleep and lead me into the lounge to watch the evening news. My nine year old self sat in front of the TV crossed legged, watching strangers desperately reaching through a concrete wall with tears of happiness while people celebrated in the street. I remember sitting on the floor with my teddy and crying, it was so overwhelming and I didn't really understand it at the time, but I knew it was a poignant moment that my dad had wanted me to witness, and it's a memory that stuck with me through adulthood.

So as I approached the Berlin Wall Memorial and felt the cold concrete under my hands as I looked through the gap, it was no surprise that 25 years on nostalgia ran high and the emotional flood gates opened.

I loved exploring Berlin, getting used to the U-bhan and feeling like a native city dweller. There is street art and graffiti on every corner, puncuated with green patches and cool coffee shops which spill out onto the street. People watching here is amazing with so many styles to take in, and the creative buzz feels like electricity in the air.

We stayed in East Berlin which gives me a perfect excuse to return so I can explore the rest of the city and see what else it has to offer, and as I wandered down Graefestrabbe in Kreuzberg I think the city stole a bit of my heart.

So here are a few snapshots of our work weekend, I can't wait to share our cool bolthole with you too.



  1. So, so awesome Lori-can't wait to see more of your hotel! I was desperate to live in Germany for years in my teens having visited on various trips and Berlin has such a huge design community. Going on my list! x

  2. Oh my goodness you're such a jetsetter at the moment - such cool cities! I once went on a work trip to Berlin and managed one night out in the city but I don't remember much about it ;-)

  3. I can't believe you managed 16 places in 3 days, that is such good work!! x

  4. Looks so amazing! WIsh I could do some traveling :)

  5. Great city. We went last November and have talked about moving there ever since. In fact my other half is going in June for one last trip with his mates before baby comes. Your pictures are great - they really capture the feel of the place.

  6. Oh wow you've captured some great shots here! I've never been to Berlin but it looks so interesting and cool xx

  7. i've wanted to go to berlin for the longest time - one day, hopefully!



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