9 December 2014

A GOOD BOOK // Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

Sam and dave dig a hole jon klassen mac barnettpage close up of diamond in sam and dave dig a hole

When I saw this cover I immediately picked it up without even breaking the spine and paid at the cash till, safely tucking it away in my bag to take home. Foolish you might say, but I have such a love for Jon Klassen's illustrations and a trust in his choice of work that I knew it was going to be a good book, and it didn't disappoint!

Giant diamond in earth in Sam and Dave dig a hole kids book jon klassenIf the cover isn't enough to make you want a copy of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole on your shelves then you don't need to look much further for a reason to keep this beauty. A simple tale of two friends and their dog who one day set out to dig a hole in the hopes that something spectacular might happen. This alone had me hooked, the possibilities endless. As they navigate the earth, you as a reader get a peek at what they could encounter depending on the choices they make, which way should they turn? Left? Right? Straight down?
two illustrated me falling in Sam and Dave dig a hole kids book
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In its simplest sense it's a story about children playing and having fun, on a whole other level it's almost shows how the smallest decisions you make, impact the life you have. Ok so I might be getting a bit heavy with a kids book but it really does open this up for discussion, especially at the end where no precious material object has been gained but an adventure, which for them is spectacular enough.

This is beautifully illustrated – although I wouldn't expect anything less of Klasson – and the story written by Mac Barnett is thoughtful and well laid out. A brilliant book all round and definitely one for your stocking.



  1. It is such a gorgeous book. Definitely a great Christmas present. Actually, I think it would make a pretty cool coffee table book even.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Jon Klassen's work, I'll keep an eye out for his books in future! x

  3. Oh this book looks so cool - I love his work (from what I have seen so far anyway) and book seems perfect for a stocking filler or present for a young boy under the tree

    Laura x

  4. This looks brilliant, my boy would love this! I love your book posts for ideas on what to get. xx

  5. What a gorgeous book and illustrations. Love the story and message within too. x

  6. I love his books! Might have to add this to my Christmas shopping list.



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