3 November 2014

43/42 // 44/52

"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Autumn walks and Halloween madness

So this is me trying to catch up, for the first time since starting #the52project I've missed posting a photo, but sometimes real life takes over and things slip. It's been so busy this end with events and meetings in London, preschool half term, a week of solo parenting, helping out at my folks as they prepare to move house and trying to keep everything ticking over that something was bound to give. Not that I'm going to give myself a hard time about it, but I do hope that this is the only blip in me documenting F each week, especially as we draw near the big 52. 

The first photo is from week 43, I could talk about the beautiful autumn colours all day and couldn't wait to snap a pic of F playing in the leaves. We walked and collected different colours, making leaf bouquets before throwing them in the air and letting them shower down.

The second image is from week 44, this week, and shows my little Count Dracula all ready for Halloween. He was so super excited to go out trick or treating that he pretty much wore the costume all day. We headed out as soon as it got dark and excitedly approached the spooky houses in the hopes for sweets and candy.

This week is much the same, super busy with the added excitement of The Amara Interior Blog Awards in London on Wednesday. I can't wait to catch up with some lovely bloggers although I still need to find my cocktail dress! 

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  1. That is the cutest Count Drac I have ever seen! Enjoy the blog awards on Weds! x

  2. He makes such a handsome little vampire! Hope things calm down a bit soon for you xx

  3. he's looking so grown up! love the dracula photo.

  4. Oh my goodness that last photo looks like it's from a magazine. So adorable. I hope you have it framed. Beautiful snapshots here.

  5. I love Autumn photos, such a fun time of year. He is so cute! Good Luck on Weds! x

  6. Great photos. Well done on keeping up so far. I fell off "siblings" but have got the photos, which is the important thing- just didn't get around to posting and linking. Good luck and have fun at the awards! :-) x

  7. Fantastic Autumn snaps! These are adorable :) Xx

  8. Oh I seriously love these two photos and how amazing is that halloween costume - awesome

    Laura x

  9. I always love your 52 project photos, he's such a handsome little chap! What a fab Hallowe'en costume as well!



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