8 October 2014


The other day F asked if we could bake some cookies, and not one to disappoint I quickly gathered some ingredients while trying to decide what to bake. Fortunately I had a packet of desiccated coconut in the cupboard which reminded me of my Nanna's one cup cookie recipe I used to bake as a child.

I had also been itching for an excuse to don our new personalised aprons c/o Getting Personal, me with my personalised Jamie Oliver Denim apron with its many pockets and industrial feel, and F with his Kids Doodle Apron which you can draw in with washable felt tip pens.

What you need:

A cup for measuring - the most important tool as it allows your child to do most of the cooking

1 Cup of self raising flour
1 Cup of desiccated coconut
1 Cup of sugar
½ tsp of himalayan salt or rock salt
½ a cup of melted soya butter
1 Egg

How to make:

1. Take one excitable child and one mixing bowl and arm them with a cup.
2. Pre-heat oven to 180c and grease a baking tray or baking parchment.
3. Sift the cup of self raising flour into a bowl and add the cup of sugar and coconut.
4. Carefully measure and melt half a cup of soya butter and add into the mix.
5. Lightly beat the egg and add into the mixing bowl.
6. Grate/add ½ teaspoon of Himalayan Rock Salt into bowl and mix all together with a spoon.
7. At this point you might find it easier to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, mixing it together by hand.
8. Using a small spoon or fingers, take a piece of the mixture and roll into a ball, place on the tray and repeat.
9. When placing them on the tray, space them out slightly as the cookies will spread.
10. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes or until golden.
11. Allow to cool and enjoy with a cuppa!

F loved baking these biscuits and eagerly sat by the oven waiting for the timer to ding and reap his rewards. I always find that cooking in the kitchen with little ones is a great way to spend time bonding and teaching them about patience.

What have you been cooking recently?

* We would like to thank Getting Personal  for providing us with our wonderful aprons and this fab Jaime Oliver Personalised Antipasta Serving Board which is great for parties and serving delicious bites on. 

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  1. Yum, they look good! I love the personalised board. x

  2. these sound amazing! might have to give them a whirl at the weekend

  3. Yum!!! These look delicious!

  4. Cookies sound amazing and look great. Love your aprons too. I am all about anything personlised. Hahahaha #recipeoftheweek

  5. These look SO good, I am going to make them later! Love the personalised board too! x

  6. I love those personalised items. I can actually envisage a cool coffee shop one day called Wild & Grizzly selling your nana's coconut cookies! :)

  7. these look tasty! however ..i hate the texture of coconut! i love the taste but i just cannot deal with the texture, haha.

  8. Oh you too look so cute in those aprons!!! I love the serving board by the way and these cookies sound super yummy

    Laura x

  9. I'm so glad you posted the recipe for these - Nom! That chopping board is amazing - I really want a Tangerine Canteen one!! Off to add that to my wish-list for sure x

  10. This looks like a great recipe. I'm always looking for an easy bake where I can throw everything in together and guarantee something delicious at the end of the process. Also, I love coconut. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire xx



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