24 July 2014


Even though we are in the midst of a balmy summer with nothing but alfresco lunches and soaking up the sun in mind, it seems that someone in our household is making a mental note of the holiday season to come. F has realised the association of toys and Christmas, and he's getting in his orders thick and fast, so when I received an invite to attend the Argos Christmas Party and take a peek at all the wonderful things wrapped under the tree how could I refuse. This post is a bit pic heavy so click to read more

The beautiful town house had been turned into a winter wonderland with that halls decked, stockings filled and gingerbread men aplenty, if it wasn't for the soaring London temperatures outside I could've easily been fooled into thinking it was December. It was fun to see the full range of toys on display and the Argos top toy predictions for 2014 including one very cool Lego City Arctic Base Camp which I know would excite one little boy if he found it under the Christmas tree. While sipping on hot coffee and having a good old nose throughout the rooms I also spotted a few gadgets for home as well as the some rather cool looking copper pans from the Heart of House range launching later this month, which would certainly make cooking a bit more chicAfter sitting in on Fritha's interview with Emma Bunton – yep that would be a former Spice Girl – discussing her new girls range for Argos we quickly headed to the roof terrace to checkout the views across the city and soak it all in before heading out into the bustle of the streets below.

With a few hours to go before we headed off to another event, we decided to take a stroll through Regents Park and catch a cheeky glass of blush with our lunch in a small tapas bar in Primrose Hill. I forgot how pretty this end of town is with its canals, green space, flowers spilling onto the streets and not to mention some of the houses! We stopped into a shop or two before grabbing a takeaway coffee, and heading onto the hill to relax and enjoy a blazing summer's day.

Oh London I can't wait for my next visit.  



  1. It sounds like a great day out! I really want to go to London soon. I'm trying to hold myself back from thinking about Christmas though! So much to enjoy in this season first!

  2. It's hard to think about Christmas in July isn't it? I try to focus on all the wintry goodness and new products to come but then I just want to head outside and drink in the sun like you guys did. This really made me want to head back to Primrose Hill for a visit - I miss London when it's like this.

  3. i love that it was in a house! also, hi fritha! :)

  4. It was so nice hanging out with you! I love that in Bristol you can just pop over to London for the day and I loved hanging out in Primrose Hill and pretending we were the sort of people that could live there! x

  5. Oh wow really wish I had managed to come to this as it sounds like you had a great time and what lovely weather as well :) London is wonderful when the sun is out

    Laura x



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