13 July 2014


F: Space Walk

This week we have mostly spent our time outdoors, climbing trees, al fresco lunches and hanging out with friends, so much that I haven't had the camera out that much. On the one overcast day that punctuated the week we took our time walking home from pre-school with F pretending to be an astronaut most of the way. Cue very enthusiastic space walks and moon landings which pleased the space geek in me no end.

We were sent a free Astronaut fancy dress tee, which F loves, by Kids T-shirts



  1. Such spunk and so imaginative...I love his hair! My just four year old has a wild imagination too, I love it! :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. :-) I love their imaginations. My kids have been pretending to take each other hostage this week (the perils of having a big brother! ;-) ) It sounds sinister but they have just been writing cute notes and making funny videos. I know it's just their way of making sense of the World and it's all done so innocently. I have to keep rescuing one of them. xxx

  3. That's a great shot and I love the t-shirt. Sometimes it's not such a bad thing to give the camera a rest and just live in the moment (like they do).

  4. I always love your #52 photos, especially the black and white ones - you seem to capture the wildness of childhood so well.

  5. ha i love this photo! he has the best hair too, reminds me of my boyfriends which is very similar, but not blonde and a bit curlier. is it easy to deal with or do you just 'let it be'?

  6. brilliant picture! Love the action and I agree he does have the best hair! x



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