7 April 2014


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014"

F: Who is this teen in my house? 

Suddenly it feels like there has been a dramatic shift in his personality and with it I'm having to learn to step back as he strives for independence. After a great weekend with friends from London, I'm definitely feel like I'm playing catch up this week, with to-do lists as long as my arm. Thinking, organising and action are my driving force over the next few days. 

Joining in with Jodi. 



  1. Great photo! I keep looking at Cherry and thinking how much she reminds me of a teenager! In the car she sings along to every word of certain pop songs and does a little dance, it's scary! x

  2. I love it when you catch them looking so calm and content, which is probably why they look beyond their years!

  3. We are going through an independent stage - I cannot believe my toddler is too busy for hugs at the moment :( beautiful photo

    Laura x

  4. I love that photo! He does look like he's having a good old read :) As for the independent stage, it's going down loud and proud over here ;)

  5. That is such a gorgeous photo! And I can definitely relate to the long to-do list....hope you get through it...I'm going to power through mine on coffee I think!!



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