13 February 2014

VALENTINE'S DAY RECIPE // Strawberry Stack Pancakes

With Valentine's Day around the corner, what better way to treat your loved one than a simple heart felt breakfast in bed. These quick and easy Valentine Strawberry Stack Pancakes taste as good as they look, with fresh strawberries stuffed between layers of heart shaped yumminess.

You'll need:

• Pinch of salt
• 110g/4oz of plain flour
• 2 free range eggs
• 200ml/7 fl oz of semi-skimmed milk
• 50g of unsalted butter
• Handful of sliced strawberries
• Heart shaped cookie cutter
• Icing sugar
• Small frying pan

To make your pancakes:

1. Sift the salt and flour into a large mixing bowl.
2. Make a well in the centre of the flour and break your eggs into the middle.
3. Whisk the eggs, flour and salt together and slowly add the milk into the mixture while whisking.
4. Whisk until the batter is smooth and there is no flour left in the bowl.
5. Melt the butter in the frying pan.
6. Pour most of the melted butter into the batter mix leaving a little in the pan and stir butter into the batter.
7. Pour in a small amount of batter (3 tablespoons) into the centre of the pan and tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly.
8. After a minute - when the batter has turned golden - use a spatular to flip the pancake over.
9. Cook again until golden and transfer to plate.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 to make another 4 pancakes.
11. Cut as many heart shapes as you can from each pancake and keep the hearts to one side.
12. Move the first heart pancake to a serving plate and layer the sliced strawberries on top.
13. Alternate layering strawberries and heart pancake slices on top of each other.
14. Dust lightly with icing sugar or drizzle with honey and use fresh strawberries to garnish.

A sweet for your sweet. Enjoy x



  1. yum! my girlies love pancakes :)

  2. Oh yummy!! I love pancakes and love hearts...what a great combination!! Delicious!

    1. Thanks! I love strawberries on pancakes, F loves chocolate and Paul loves the classic lemon and sugar :) x

  3. These are so sweet! I adore pancakes, I went through a phase of eating them every day for brunch, haven't had them for a couple of week so might have to make some tomorrow :) x

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to hold out until pancake day before I indulge again x

  4. oo I love pancakes so much! (I just posted a recipe too!) In our house it's our birthday breakfast meal, but I would love to get them in bed in the morning!

  5. Oh wow these are prefect for Valentines day - actually for any day they are sooo cute :) Will have to try these

    Laura x

  6. mm pancakes! also loving the backdrop too. is it a tablecloth, or just a piece of fabric?

    1. It's wrapping paper, I have a selection of graphic rolls to use for backdrops x



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