17 December 2013

A GOOD BOOK // Red Cat Blue Cat

I love discovering a new book with a super story and illustrations to match. Then when you realise it's their debut book it somehow makes it even better, like you've just discovered a secret. Well this good book must be the best kept secret I know. 

Red Cat Blue Cat is a brilliant tale of a clever cat and a nimble cat who on meeting become jealous cats. A great moral story for kids and adults alike, and a fun look at our furry feline friends. Why can't red cat be like blue? Or blue be like red? We follow the cats as they try everything they can to change colour, from eating red food to rolling in blue paint, always trying to be like the other. After a cat fight or two they spend time together and realise something has changed, they like the way they are. So putting their differences aside they become friends. I love the colourful and energetic illustrations of this book, and in particular the fantastically grumpy expressions of the cats drawn in such a rough and edgy way. This is a must have for Christmas.

Don't forget to come down to Foyles in Bristol tomorrow at 10.30am for our first Cool Kids Book Club, where we'll be taking a look at your kids favourite reads, grabbing a coffee and making friends.

December's Good Book posts are sponsored by Foyles Bookshop but all words and thoughts are my own.

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