22 November 2013


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Friday is finally here and I have a treat lined up for tonight. Not only do I love film but I'm also a bit of a space geek and had F learning the names of the planets before he could count to ten – although I'm not sure how useful that will be in later life – so tonight I've got a child free pass and I'm heading into town to watch the much anticipated Gravity.

Ever since I can remember I've loved going to the cinema; the smell of popcorn, the dark room shared with strangers, hushed voices, an outburst of laughter, immersing myself in the film. On my second day of living in London I bought an annual cinema ticket and went every week, mainly on my own during the day, a private viewing of sorts. I found it exhilarating and when F was born I headed to cinebabies at the Watershed to get my film fix.

Which films have you seen recently?


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