18 November 2013


This week has not been without tears. On Saturday I said goodbye to my dear friend and watched F say goodbye to his life long play mate as they prepare to emigrate to Oz. After a week of travel, stress and general busyness, I had managed to ignore this moment that's been looming over us and our circle of friends. In fact with all the encouragement I had given her during our chats over coffee about the upcoming move, I had always stayed in a silent denial that this time would come.

But now with their house empty and new people unpacking their boxes and settling in, there's no denying they've gone. Our boys played together almost every day and had become as close as brothers in their three years of life, so to watch them say goodbye for the last time as we stand by crying, knowing they can't fully understand the change about to happen was heartbreaking...and then it was my turn. Suddenly my denial falls to the wayside and all of those conversations about moving rush forward and become real. Tears readily fall as this woman who has given me so much support, love, kindness and friendship says goodbye.

Of course I know that I can catch up on Skype and she's only a plane ride away, but this marks the end of an era. They're heading into summer by the beach as we crawl into winter, and so I'm left feeling a little blue but happy for her none the less.

Bon voyage lovely, we'll miss you x


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