3 September 2013

A GOOD BOOK // A Bit Lost

There are so many books on the market describing the same story: a fluffy bear or baby chimp get lost, ask for help, give different descriptions to a helpful friend, which finally leads to them being gleefully reunited. I always find these stories so so, until I found this good book.

A Bit Lost tells the simple tale of a small owl trying to find his mummy after falling out of a tree, but the great thing about this story is the vibrant and graphic illustrations that gives the book its visual accolade.  Each page is layered with rich colours: burnt ochre, indigo, orange, purple and turquoise, giving a silent nod to the '70s. The owl after falling from its perch is forced to enlist the friendship of a squirrel in order to find its mummy, using descriptive words such as 'pointy ears' and 'big eyes' the little owl meets an array of creatures in the woods before reaching a tearful mummy owl. Each animal is distinctively expressive allowing this book to be read by younger children without using any words.

Check out the making of the book over on Chris Haughton's blog.



  1. We love this book! The illustrations are beautiful, we keep meaning to buy a copy to keep as we nearly always have it out of the library :)

    1. It's great isn't it :) Apparently he has a new book coming out next year which will be exciting to check out x

  2. oh boo I thought I had commented already. LOVE this book, the illustrations are fantastic! I'm going to have to check out that new book too! x



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