21 August 2013


I alway look for toys with a bit of longevity in them, something that is beautifully crafted and tactile to touch. It's not that I'm opposed to the plastic fantastic nation we live in – we have our fair share of garish colours and moulded beauties that lie strewn along the floor – but there's something so delectable about the slightly more natural materials. For me there's nothing more captivating than watching a child push little wooden blocks along the floor and when asked what they are doing, return with a matter of fact 'it's a train/car/doctor/horse' as they are completely emerged in their imagination. The ability to make something so simple into a thing of joy is amazing rather than an all singing, all dancing, brightly coloured decomposable mass of noise and lights – we have those too.

Ever wanting to stretch F's imagination and abilities we were overjoyed when Toyella sent us the Balancing Cactus game by Plan Toys. Not only does this toy provide a game to be played together but it helps develop spatial awareness, balance and children's motor skills, and if you have been following my blog you will see that it is a plant that I most definitely can not kill. We excitedly un-wrapped our parcel and F wowed over the brightly coloured solid wood that makes up the game. Eager to play, we placed all the pieces on to the table and decided to take it in turns. The concentration on F's face as he tried to place the pegs neatly into the holes building his cactus was adorable, and he quickly repositioned himself onto the table without realising in his excitement. I must admit I had to stifle a few laughs when it toppled over and he would throw himself down on the table in defeat, but to my relief he got back up and tried again. Eventually on balancing the cactus and completing the game, he strode around the lounge triumphantly. Once playtime is over, this beautiful toy lends itself perfectly as a show piece in any child's room.

Toyella is an award winning online toy retailer stocking beautifully designed and styled toys, with a wide range of wonderful European products. F also loves his Green Toys Fire Truck made entirely from 100% recycled plastic milk bottles which we bought from Toyella last year.

We were sent the Balancing Cactus game for review purposed only. All thoughts and opinions are genuine to how we feel about the product. 



  1. What a fantastic game and it looks like beautiful quality. It is the little one's birthday here soon and I have been looking for games and so far nursery have suggested Monkey Puzzle (which is plastic) but this would be lovely too. I haven't heard of Toyella, thanks for sharing I will be checking them out now x

  2. This looks fab!! I just LOVE wooden toys! This is really different to anything Ive seen!

  3. I love wooden toy, they last so much longer. I love this game, the colours are so bright, it looks good enough to leave up on display :-)

  4. What a lovely game! It looks so beautiful and there is something very special about wooden toys. I will have to investigate this Toyella lark - it's never too early to think about Christmas

  5. OMG this is the best toy / game I've seen lately!
    Want one too!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us

  6. I'm sure my son would enjoy that but actually is it so wrong that I'd rather like one for myself?! It would look lush on my mantelpiece!

  7. Brilliant photos. Looks like a fantastic game that the whole family would enjoy

  8. This looks like a great game! I love wooden toys :-)



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